“Unquestionably the most influential band in extreme music’s ferocious history.” Albert Mudrian, the author of Choosing Death: The Improbable History Of Death Metal & Grindcore

Two decades after inventing grindcore, Napalm Death continue to demonstrate that their work is far from done. “In the intervening years, there have been changes, but the mission has remained the same: to outlast every trend, never compromise, provide a political voice for the voiceless, and create the most brutal, challenging music on earth” (Outburn). Smear Campaign, the band’s sophomore Century Media studio album, exhibits every one of these traits. Passionately anti-war, pro-animal rights, and outspoken on social issues, the band never shy from standing up for their beliefs. Again produced by Russ Russel, who worked with the band on their last three albums, and returning to Wales’ Foel Studios (My Bloody Valentine, Porcupine Tree), where the band recorded 2005’s The Code Is Red…Long Live The Code they have once again concocted an explosive cocktail.

So how is it? “Well, if you liked the previous three Napalm studio albums, then this will melt your face off. There are a few blasters, a couple Swans-influenced tracks (think “Morale” only way better) where Barney abandons his classic trademark titanic roar in favor of more traditional clean vocals—don’t worry, it sounds awesome. Elsewhere, there’s a couple other tunes that really incorporate the dissonant, angular guitar breaks featured on Diatribes, albeit presented in the post new millennium Napalm musical context (i.e. fucking vicious)” (Decibel). Worldwide touring has been a mainstay for the band, including shows in Tsunami-torn Thailand, apartheid-era South Africa, Russia, and Serbia and Croatia during the Balkans war. Look for the band to return to North America several times in support of their Smear Campaign.