Fuji Rock Festival is getting close – as the rainy season approaches we, those of us in Tokyo at least, can feel summer on the horizon. Weekender can’t wait until July 27th, when the fun will start in Naeba.

It has already been announced that Radiohead and the Stone Roses will headline Fuji Rock 2012, and additions to the bill are always being made – check out the latest updates to the Fuji Rock lineup here.

If you can’t wait until July, though, there are more dates for the diary coming thick and fast. This week two Fuji Rock events are a must remember for fans. First, Friday 18th May is your final chance to get hold of Fuji Rock tickets at the “special advanced ticketing price.” Don’t worry if you miss out though, general tickets go on sale this weekend (on the 19th). If you go and buy them in person, it may not just be a ticket you pick up.

FUJI ROCK DAYS is happening in Shibuya, and the event organizers say you can “soak in the Fuji Rock feeling for two days and win great prizes in our annual lottery, check out never before seen footage of the festival and get first dibs on this year’s official merchandise.”

May 19th and 20th at the official Fuji Rock Shop, GAN-BAN, in Shibuya Parco (see the map below) and at nearby Tower Records, the summer festival season is starting. You might not need your boots and tent, but be sure to bring your mates who might not have experienced the festival before – it will be easy to persuade them to come along with you once they have felt the vibes. There are already some pretty cool looking T-shirts and other festival goods listed on the website, but at the store you might find some limited editions and newer designs. There will even be some festival food cooked up. Go check it out!

Fuji Rock

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