La da dee, la dee da… When I heard the name Crystal Waters, I immediately recalled one of the melodies of my childhood, from the 1991 hit “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)”. Ring a bell?

This Saturday there is chance to re-live the early 90s with dance pop artist Crystal Waters, who suddenly emerged on the charts with her hit “Gypsy Woman”. The story goes that Waters was at the time working behind-the-scenes, penning songs for artists at a record company, when she decided to record a demo of herself. Producers were taken by her rendition, and the rest is history – I bet everyone can remember that melody to this day.

Added to the lineup is Michel Canitrot, the famed French DJ who spun the soundtrack of the Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet. He’s regularly touring Asia, the USA, South America and Europe, playing over a hundred gigs a year and wowing crowds with his incredible sets.

And lastly but not least, Vienna native Boro Lo. He has been active as a DJ/producer in East Asia for nearly a decade and today is considered the only foreign DJ regularly performing in China, having managed to create a real following amongst Chinese electronic music fans.

Expect catchy dance tunes from all corners of the world. Tip: get there early, as the first 150 attendees will get a free album from the guest artists. (Vivian  Morelli)

ONS Exclusive: Crystal Waters, Michel Canitrot, Boro Lo

Crystal Waters, Boro Lo, Michel Canitrot

When: Saturday Sept. 29, from 21:00

Where: XEX Nihonbashi (see map)

How much: ¥5000 (door) / ¥2500 (iFlyer discount here)

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