Crystal Lake is a Japanese metalcore band from Tokyo, formed in 2002.

Crystal Lake started out in the summer of 2002, heavily influenced by mid-90’s hardcore, they prepared to make their impact on the Tokyo hardcore scene. Late 2002 saw the search for a new singer, but by January 2003 they had settled with current line up and were one again ready to go.

2003 saw a busy year, with two tours, including South Korea, and three releases. The demo “Freewill” was released in February in time for the show in Korea which they were invited to by Gmc Records. A second demo “One Word Changes Everything” came out in July, and a self released 4 track EP, also entitled “Freewill” was released in September, 1000copies were made and sold. September 2003 also saw Crystal Lake play 5 shows with Day Of Contempt (Australia).

2004 saw more exposure for the band, with track on a compilation cd “Hardcore Ball 6”. Also from March to June Crystal Lake went on the “Blood Of Judas” tour with Loyal To The Grave & Extinguish The Fire. This tour later saw the release of a 3way split cd and dvd.

In 2005 the band released a split cd with Risen (USA) & Unboy and also toured in Malaysia.

Crystal Lake performed at “Independence-D” (Most famous indie music festival in Japan) on February 2006. The 1st full length album “Dimension” was released on 5th July 2006! it is released by Imperium Recordings and features Eva (Gather), Iris (Firestone) and Mitome (Birthplace). There are 8 tracks (mostly new songs). We hope you will all listen and enjoy! Since the release of the album, they have done the “Dimension Tour”, which was recieved well by kids from all over Japan who love to go wild to Crystal Lake savage technical breed of hardcore.

Crystal Lake performed at “Metal Presentation 2007 with I Killed The Prom Queen (Australia)” in February, “Hatebreed Japan Tour 2007” in March and “Rockstar taste of CHAOS Tour 2007 in Tokyo, Japan” in November.

Crystal Lake / Cleave split CD was released on 24th May 2008. Crystal Lake performed at “Rockstar Taste Of Chaos 2008 in Japan” on November.

January 2009 also saw Crystal Lake play 5 shows with Parkway Drive (AUS) & Shai Hulud (USA).