Skyfall finally hits the cinemas in Tokyo at the start of next month (on the 1st) – and we can’t wait to see Judy Dench, new bad-guy Javier Bardem and of course Daniel Craig back in action.

We’ll have a review of the film in our December magazine (don’t worry, you’ll be able to read here, too) and some other Bond based action which we can’t quite give away yet… Keep your eyes peeled.

You can watch a Skyfall trailer right here or, if you feel like you can’t wait for the release date, check out any number of the tie-ups that mean Bond is back on our screens in more ways than one.

You have probably already spotted some James Bond/007 chocolate bars and soft drinks – we also got a little excited in the convenience store this morning when we saw the latest cover of GQ Japan featuring Daniel Craig.

Some of the most interesting tie ups, for us, are those which actually allow us to actually take part and become Bond.

The home of MI6 – what a year it’s been for Britain, still riding the crest of an Olympic wave – is targeting travellers with a campaign which will entice those who are attracted to the high life.

The nation is celebrating its culture in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the beginnings of one of its most famous exports, James Bond himself. And to do that, Visit Britain is hoping to entice you with a challenge, should you wish to accept. (Yes, we know, wrong film…)

The lucky visitor who follows the campaign and wants to become Agent UK will get the keys to an Aston Martin car, another symbol of the UK, for a weekend. The UK is perhaps hoping to build on the success of the London Olympics and transfer some of the good feeling such a sporting event can give the world into its tourism industry.

Worldwide viewing figures for the Games are reported to have been in the billions, a big reason for countries such as Japan bidding for the 2020 Games.

Take a look at the video below and see what you could be in for.