Starting this December, there is a new home for independent cinema in Tokyo. Uplink Kichijoji Parco, which has five screens and a seating capacity of 300, will open in Kichijoji Parco December 14.

Parco is a shopping complex that breates youth culture, and Uplink is home to great independent films. The two have worked together before on film promotion, but the management of a cinema complex is their first cooperative business. Uplink Kichijoji Parco plans to show similar kinds of movies to its Shibuya location, including movies from various film festivals around the world—plus family-friendly movies for the large number of families living in the area.

Four different promotion posters featuring Serena Motola photographed by Herbie Yamaguchi are out now. As an opening event, Herbie Yamaguchi photograph ten lucky film lovers in Kichijoji. An exhibition of those photos is set to take place in December. Models will be chosen from the public.

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