Tokiwa Rotary, Asahikawa

The Asahikawa Tokiwa Rotary isn’t much of an attraction on its own, but it has, in the few months the series has been streaming, become the symbol of First Love.

The location is the setting for the first time adult Harumichi sees adult Yae after years of separation. He requests that his taxi follow hers, at the risk of running incredibly late to meet his girlfriend’s parents. In the context of the story, the rotary symbolizes the fate that keeps the protagonists revolving around each other, but it also refers to their seemingly endless separation, as no matter how much Harumichi tries, he still can’t catch up to her.

Tenguyama Ropeway, Otaru

A pivotal moment in the series occurs at the top of Mount Tengu, where Harumichi and Yae talk about their high school lives before eventually sharing a kiss. The scene is a testament to how Yae can and does fall in love with Harumichi all over again, despite her childhood memories of him remaining buried. To get to the peak, the couple take the Otaru Tenguyama Ropeway, which showcases the city from an entirely different vantage point.

At the top of the mountain, enjoy panoramic views of Otaru Port and Ishikari Bay with, in the distance, Mount Shokanbetsu and the Shakotan Peninsula on clear days. And of course, the nightscape of the city below after dark, as Harumichi and Yae saw on the show.

Heidi Farm, Naganuma

Lilacs are symbolic in Hokkaido, and this is carried through in First Love. Lilacs are Yae’s favorite flowers, and you can see them surrounding the tree in which she and Harumichi bury their time capsule and later return to unearth their childhood memories. These scenes are truly unforgettable, as the cloudless clear blue sky makes the sweeping green landscapes and purple lilacs pop.

What the series doesn’t tell you, however, is that the location is actually Heidi Farm, an animal attraction not unlike a petting zoo. Guests are able to bottle feed goats, partake in cow milking, horse riding and more, making this location very family-friendly and suitable for all travel groups. Heidi Farm is typically closed in winter.

Odori Park, Sapporo

Many pivotal moments throughout the series take place in the winter, but there are a few that take place in the warmer months. Parks and areas with lush greenery are heavily featured, often tinted in a yellow glow that evokes warmth.

One such location is Odori Park, where Harumichi meets his sister Yu and his niece. As a must-visit in Sapporo, Odori Park is one of the prefectural capital’s most well-known venues due to its expansive size and a wide variety of flowers that bloom seasonally.

Robatayaki Utari, Sapporo

Food is a persistent motif throughout First Love. Many of the characters share meals or provide food for one another as a sign of affection. The question, “What is your favorite food?” is even mentioned as a foil for one to subtly confess their feelings. One scene, in particular, does a spectacular job of demonstrating the delicious local fare, and that’s when Yae has dinner with her colleague Otaro, as she expresses pure joy while eating fresh grilled prawns.

Fans will be happy to know the setting for this scene is a real restaurant named Robatayaki Utari. The izakaya is where one can savor all things seafood including (but not limited to) crab, squid, shisamo and more.

Sapporo City Observatory, Sapporo

Perhaps one of the most romantic moments in the series sees Harumichi and Yae’s fate draw them together again, this time at Nakajima Park. Here, Yae is in line to visit Sapporo City Observatory for a Mars sighting, and the two end up going together and getting closer.

As an attraction, the observatory is well worth a visit as it provides guests with the opportunity to take a break from the sights on the ground and gaze at the wonder and beauty of the sky.

Seiyouken, Chitose

One more important dining spot from First Love is none other than Seiyouken. This is where Yae finally confesses her feelings for Harumichi over the phone. Thankfully for fans of the series, Seiyouken is a real dining establishment.

Having been in business for more than 70 years, Seiyouken is a bit of an institution in Hokkaido and is commonly frequented by diners with a craving for yoshoku (western food) and a nostalgic Showa-era vibe. Unfortunately, Napolitan pasta, which Yae has on the show, isn’t featured on the restaurant’s standard menu but you can opt for other dishes such as spaghetti with meat sauce or a variety of sandwiches and salads.