7 Directions by Nkisi 

Nkisi is a Congolese DJ-producer who excels at combining 90s rave frameworks with Afro-futuristic percussion, building on dark, gothic vibes. When I first heard 7 Directions, out on Lee Gamble’s UIQ label, I thought, “This is the sound I need right now!” Since then, I’ve listened to it a lot and DJ’d with it loads.

Painful Enlightenment by Jana Rush

Jana Rush is a DJ who’s been based in Chicago since the mid-90s, moving with other heavy hitters of the juke and footwork scenes. She describes this album as a record of her progress through struggles with suicidal thoughts and depression. It’s a pretty unique work, entwining electronics with elements of jazz and experimental sound collage.

Nothing To Declare by 700 Bliss

700 Bliss is a progressive hip-hop unit made up of former Discwoman member DJ Haram and prolific poet-activist Moor Mother. The songs on this album, released on Kode9’s Hyperdub imprint, are eclectic and full of energy, with intense drums and Moor Mother’s powerful voice working together to create a harmonious synergy.

New Decade by Phew

Phew is a legendary Japanese punk-electronic musician who has consistently been at the forefront of the scene since the 1970s. New Decade marks her new musical direction, breaking with her previous work. You can sense the will to move forward from each sound as it drifts through the unstable space, leaving the possibility for an alternative future.

Atlas by Laurel Halo

June’s Atlas is the first release on Los Angeles-based musician-DJ Laurel Halo’s own label. Composed of incredibly delicate and beautiful sounds, the album captures not only the recording environment but also the environment in which she envisions these songs. Even upon first listen, it stirred something deep in my memory. I’ve already listened to it many times.