Love it or hate it, Terrace House holds a deep fascination for viewers around the world. Whether you’re an earnest learner of somewhat natural Japanese or you’re here for the drama that unfolds (which will invariably be titled “The Something Incident”) between the residents, it’s a show that draws you in despite its simple premise.

This season, finally set in Tokyo again after stints in Karuizawa and Hawaii respectively, has already presented us with a host of colorful characters to follow, adore, and detest.

Do we hope for Seina Shimabukuro’s eternal happiness and hope she has finally found her one true love? Do we also want her to come back and shake things up this season? YES. Time will only tell if our dreams come true or not, but until then let’s enjoy the show without her — and make up for the lack of on-screen drinks by having some of our own.

The Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020 Drinking Game Rules

To make things a little easier, we’ve constructed two different versions: one for beginners to the show and one for the more advanced viewers. The rules are pretty straightforward — simply take a drink any time the following things happen:

Beginner Friendly Game

  • Someone says 分かんない (wakannai = dunno)
  • Someone asks someone else to talk in the playroom/on the rooftop
  • Someone writes on the blackboard or the camera zooms in on the blackboard
  • There’s an awkward kiss
  • Anyone in the house takes a drink
  • Someone cries
  • Someone says “ohayo” but it’s past 1pm
  • There’s an awkward “who is paying for this date” moment
  • Uncomfortable/weird birthday presents
  • A major “incident” unfolds

Drinking Game for TH Veterans

  • Anyone brings up the disastrous carbonara
  • Ruka mentions Marvel or heroes
  • Haruka scowls
  • Tori-chan (Reina Triendl) makes a surprisingly scathing remark about a TH member
  • Yama-chan (Ryota Yamasato) is made fun of about his love life — despite now being married
  • Yama-chan is unhappy or unsatisfied with a turn of events
  • Someone lectures someone else (read: anyone lectures Ruka) on the reality of pursuing one’s dreams
  • Tokui-san (Yoshimi Tokui, aka “Papa”) says something unexpectedly profound and sensible
  • Someone leaves the house and you’re sad about it
  • Someone leaves the house and you’re happy about it
  • Someone makes a reference to past members in a past show

As some shows are more action-packed than others, we remind you to drink responsibly. While we love Seina with all our hearts, let’s not be her.

Until next time, happy watching!


Who is your favorite house member this season? Who’s your least favorite? Let us know in the comments!