Manga and anime franchise Sailor Moon is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and has teamed up with Hello Kitty creator Sanrio for a selection of goods designed to appeal to both kids and adults.

Sanrio has paired Sailor Moon hero Usagi and her loyal cat Luna with My Melody, a character who, while not quite as famous as pal Kitty, has a dedicated fanbase of her own.

The characters have been placed side by side on a total of 22 items, including stuffed animals, bags, towels and stationery.

The series goes on sale August 3, but Sailor Moon super-fans can get their hands on these items early by attending a fan meeting on July 29 at Puroland in Tama, Tokyo.

That fan meeting will include appearances by none other than Sailor Moon’s five Sailor Guardians and My Melody. Advanced tickets go for ¥6,000, and include admission to the park.

With the franchise turning 25, more than a view of us living or visiting Japan have some fond Sailor Moon memories, and this new merch is sure to hit a nostalgia vein or two.

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