Whether it’s idol music, manga, anime or video games, Japanese pop culture is a huge pull for many visiting and living in Tokyo.

Ikebukuro is already full of shops that appeal to pop culture lovers, but it’s set to become an even more attractive pop-cultural pull with the opening of Tsutaya Ikebukuro AK, a huge branch of the popular CD and video rental chain dedicated to fandom of all kinds.

The concept behind the venue, which opened July 18, is “a space for mutual communication between fans and their idols.”

The action starts on the first floor, an event space with a live stage, 150-inch screen, DJ mixers, and a bar counter in the lounge.

The second and third floors are filled with the usual media goodness we’ve come to expect from Tsutaya, including plenty of magazines, comics, CDs, and items to dig into.

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