The Great Shrine of Tokyo Tower sits 150 meters above the ground, making it the highest power spot in the 23 wards of Tokyo.

A Hidden Spot in One of Tokyo’s Most Famous Landmarks

Tokyo Tower is a popular destination for tourists as well as couples looking for a romantic date spot. Built in 1958, it’s one of Tokyo’s most recognizable landmarks at 333 meters tall. But did you know this famous spot hides something else? One-hundred-and-fifty meters up in the air on the Main Observatory floor you’ll find the Great Shrine of Tokyo Tower, which is the highest power spot in the Tokyo 23 wards area. If you want to wish for higher grades on your next exam, then this is the place to go. Couples love the tower for its famous “light down” at midnight urban legend — the romantic rumor says that couples who see the lights turn off at midnight will be together forever. So it makes sense that this shrine is an auspicious place for people looking for love, as well.

The Perfect Spot for Shrine Lovers and Goshuin Stamp Collectors

If you stop by the Great Shrine of Tokyo Tower, make sure to get a goshuin stamp while you’re there. (You can find out what a goshuin stamp is and how to get one here.) The stamp for this shrine features a unique design, making it worth the trip to get.

Goshuin stamp collectors can book a special Goishuin tour (reservations must be made at least a week in advance and for a group of at least 5 people). It’s a special experience you can’t get anywhere else.

After you’ve visited the shrine, hang around and take in the view from the 150-meter-high observation deck. It’ll be a shrine visit like no other!

Please note: the Main Observatory is currently under construction and the Great Shrine has moved down to Foottown on ground level from January 2018 until further notice.

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