As many of us have started working from home during the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve started rethinking our wardrobe needs. So, this month, we asked stylist Shoi Sapeta to offer her top tips for versatile stay-home style (with a little TLC thrown in to help you breeze through the day).

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1. Smart Comfort

Olivia von Halle Gia Shanghai silk and cashmere-blend hoodie and track pants

As long as you’re not expected to wear a tie for that online meeting, then nothing is more important than comfort for your remote-work wardrobe – especially since you probably want to do a few stretches during coffee breaks. However, you still want to look and feel good so invest in a stylish set of sweats as well as several loungewear pieces that are a few sartorial steps up from looking like you’re about to hit the gym. Buy here.

2. Eye Masks  

Slip embroidered silk mask

Remote working may be less stressful in terms of commuting, but it can mean more screen time, which in turn means absorbing more blue light. This can result in headaches and tired, dry eyes. A silk eye mask not only blocks out light to improve your sleep and health, but also helps to create a protective barrier over your eyes to keep them hydrated. Available on Amazon.

3. Stylish Slippers 

Zara Home orange linen slippers

Just like we all need a pair of comfortable but stylish shoes for long days at the office, when remote working you need a pair of slippers that says, “I’m all dressed up but I’m #stayinghome.” Buy at Zara Home.

4. Aroma Candles 

Fornasetti Sun and Moon thyme, lavender and cedarwood candle

Since we’re spending most of our time in our apartments, it’s easy to ignore our usual daily routines. We tend to go to bed later because we don’t need to get up early to prepare for our work commute. This can make us feel lethargic and unproductive. An aroma candle is a simple element that can do wonders for your mental and physical space – it calms things down before bedtime and lets you wake up to a faint scent of citrus or vanilla in the morning. Buy here.

Meet Our Style Expert

Shoi Sapeta is the founder and chief stylist of XYI Style Creation as well as an influencer working with Japanese fashion brands. XYI collaborates with different stylists and Japanese brands to offer efficient and effective styling services for daily life or special occasions.

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