The health and wellness industry has had quite an eventful past decade, so much as to become worth 4.2 trillion US dollars as of 2017. In this, we can include fad diets like keto, exotic alternative medicines like Ayurveda and pretty much anything that Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop covers on their website. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is also part of those trending ingredients but it is ahead of many others thanks to more and more research pointing to positive effects on the human body.

In Japan, Western trends often go under the radar but the hemp-derived ingredient is one that we’re starting to see more of. Just last year, we chatted with Priyanka Yoshikawa about how she launched her very own range of CBD oils. In comparison, you could say that CBD skincare is less daunting and easier to incorporate in our daily routine as it doesn’t require keeping track of intake. The effects are slightly different, but we would argue that it’s still worth a try when trying to incorporate more wellness rituals into your daily life.

Introducing Walala

Walala is the first CBD skincare brand to be made and sold in Japan. It was founded by Mike Eidlin, a Tokyo-born California-raised entrepreneur who is looking to combine the best of Japanese cosmetics and the latest in cannabinoid research. Walala’s inaugural launch is a CBD Point Cream, a multiuse product meant to introduce even beginner users to the potential benefits of cannabidiol. It is made right here in the Japanese capital, so you know it doesn’t get more sustainable than this. 

Benefits of CBD

Recent studies show that ingesting or applying CBD can have a significant effect on the performance of our endocannabinoid system (ECS), which essentially acts as a regulator for other systems in our body in order to maintain balance. Poor diet, for example, can affect the efficiency of the ECS, which in turn can lead to anxiety and chronic inflammation, among other things.

CBD can have a range of benefits, but it all depends on how it is used, but it does show promise on easing symptoms relating to anxiety and depression. “However,” Eidlin warns, “it is important to note that the effects that CBD can have on our bodies are different whether you ingest it through the mouth or apply it topically.” For instance, consuming CBD oil can help with insomnia because the cannabidiol reaches the bloodstream. This isn’t the case for topical CBD.

When applied on the skin, the cannabidiol gets absorbed through the epidermis, the outermost of the three layers that make up the skin before reaching the ECS. This allows CBD creams like the Walala CBD Point Cream to potentially help with inflammation.

Eidlin recommends using it anywhere on your body that might need from CBD’s anti-inflammatory purposes. “If suffering from redness or acne,” he said, “applying our cream on the face may yield results. In addition to the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD, the base for the cream is very moisturizing as well.” Other conditions that might lessen with the use of a CBD cream include arthritis and atopic dermatitis. The cream might also help with muscle and joint pain, which, if causing unhealthy sleep habits, could help make sure you get a goodnight’s sleep.

Where to buy

Japan residents can purchase the Walala CBD Point Cream for only ¥7,500 (plus tax) via their website,

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