Are you part of Ironmouse’s precious family? Or perhaps you favor the science team over on Projekt Melody’s streams. Whoever your oshi is, you can now support them while looking just as good as their models with the new VShojo x Bisoulovely collaboration. Seven products are currently available for preorder, each featuring one of the VShojo girls and they are all inspired by their lore and community. 

bisoulovely vshojo jewelry collab

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I am personally rather fond of Hime Hajime’s earrings, shaped to look like something from a distant universe and promising to make the wearer feel like a cosmic queen. Apricot the Lich gets her own demonic-looking “terry” (short for lich phylactery) necklace with two deep purple and fluorescent green synthetic stones, and if you love the dragon herself, Zentreya, wear it on your chest with the Zentraya Pendant that’s said to help you traverse timelines into the future. 

Preorder now at the online shop here.

What is VShojo?

VShojo is a VTuber talent agency based in California. Founded in 2020, its tightly curated roster boasts some of the biggest names in the Vtuber-sphere that stream on both Twitch and YouTube. While most of the performers within the agency live abroad, Henya the Genius and Kson are two of its Vtubers based in Japan.

Bisoulovely Jewelry

Bisoulovely is a handmade jewelry brand based in Montreal, Canada. Over the years, it has become a gamer household name, especially if you’re into delicate pieces of jewelry to subtly represent your favorite fandom. Aside from the VShojo collaboration, it also has an RPG Collection, featuring designs inspired by typical character classes such as a dagger ring representing a Rogue, an arrow ring representing an Archer and a “Ring of Resurrection” marked b​​y two feathers. In video games such as the Final Fantasy series, Phoenix Down (“down” meaning the feathers of a bird) is an item that will revive a character that has been knocked out in battle.

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