Not even a week ago, much to the dismay of train enthusiasts, Tokyu Shibuya station was turned into an event space, following the merging of the Toyoko and Fukutoshin lines. Now that the trains are out, the T-shirts are in, courtesy of ubiquitous Japanese chain Uniqlo. The very first event following the train museum is all about fashion.

The basics clothing chain will be selling its UT T-shirt line, which presents graphic design collaborations with artists and corporations alike – think Andy Warhol’s canned soup, Domino’s pizza boxes, David Lynch’s movie posters and Disney characters adorning the tees. (You may remember their now-closed shop on Meiji Dori in Harajuku/Omotensando…)

Pretty much every character you can imagine, from Hello Kitty to Snoopy, has had their cute face plastered on the piece of cloth. Think of UT as the ‘trendy’ twist on the otherwise plain Uniqlo T-shirts.

The pop-up T-shirt shop will have enough designs to please every taste (and to make your head spin), including freshly baked ones and limited-editions you might want to snag right away. In addition to the tees, Uniqlo is launching its UT Camera application for smart phones, which turns your photos into animated movies.

Get it while it’s hot!

UT Pop-up Shop

When: March 28 – April 7

Where: Ekiato (formerly Tokyu Shibuya station)