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Shibuya Ekiato

By Vivian Morelli

Farewell Tokyu Shibuya station, hello new venue.

A few days ago, we said goodbye to the Tokyu Shibuya station, as the Toyoko line was linked to the Fukutoshin line, resulting in trains departing underground. For some, this will mean a quicker commute minus transfers, but for others, it means a packed line and a sad goodbye to a Tokyo landmark. That part of the station was first opened on August 28, 1927, meaning it has been serving Tokyoites for a grand total of 85 years.

In case you missed out on the news and bumped into an empty platform this morning, you may have noticed that the space previously occupied by the Toyoko line is now to be temporarily used as an event space. Instead of tearing up the Tokyu Shibuya station right away, it is sticking around a bit longer and being used for various purposes, while sporting a brand new name: Ekiato.

Until March 22, you can bid farewell to the beloved Toyoko as the area is turned into a mini-museum. Release your inner train otaku and come learn a little more about the Tokyu Toyoko line history, and even stock up on some collectibles you’ll be able to parade when you tell people stories about the olden days of the Toyoko line.

After that, a string of other events will take place on the spacious platforms, which boast 5-meter high ceilings.Expect recitals, concerts and sales of all kinds, as the venue can host a crowd of 2000. However, just like cherry blossoms Ekiato is fleeting, and after May 6 it will no longer be, so catch it while it’s there.

Ekiato (check the website for event updates)

When: March 26 – May 6

Where: Tokyu Shibuya Station

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Main image: Norio.NAKAYAMA on Flickr