Spring has arrived, which means it’s time to shed the darker colors and opt for sweet, light hues – inspired by Japanese wagashi.

While the world has been favoring an ice-cream palette since the 2018 runway shows, Japanese fashionistas are celebrating their own version of these soft and light colors, especially to go with the mood of spring. I like to call these “wagashi colors.”

Wagashi refers to traditional Japanese sweets, often created with pretty pops of pink, green, purple and other pastel flower-inspired hues. They are not as bright as ice-cream colors but rather a more gentle variation on the trend. Feel free to mix and match at will, but to give you a few creative ideas, here are four of my favorite combinations all based on the traditional colors of Japan.

Top and pants by Doneeyu

Usukihada x Seiji-iro

A happy spring look combining usukihada (pale yellow) and seiji-iro (celadon). Perfect for casual Friday or weekends.

Top by Doneeyu, pants by …&Dear

Usukihada x Kouzome

Stay chic with kouzome (clove brown) trousers and a complementary-color top.

Top and skirt by Doneeyu

Usukihada x Usufuji 

A classic, fitted, calf-length skirt is both retro and modern. We love it in this usufuji (pale blue purple) hue.

Tops and pants by Doneeyu

Shiraai x Seiji-iro x Kyara-iro

Soft fabric shiraai (pale indigo) shirt with seiji-iro (celadon) cotton safari pants and kyara-iro (wood brown) cardigan. These mixed textures and similar color tones lend a stylish
feel to the look. 

Photographs by Hama / Hama Studio

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