Each month, we interview Tokyo-based designers or trendsetters to find out what inspires their style and where they love to shop in the city. This March, we chat with designer Kaori Nishikawa about her brand Banner Barrett.

Kaori Nishikawa

My Clothing Brand Is…

For women who want to remain young at heart. We strive to create a combination of simple basics and trendy items to bring the “now” into everyday life. The most important thing is to not be limited by the frame of your body or position in life. We work hard to create fashion that makes every day joyous.

Tokyo Fashion Is…

More diverse and expressive than before. In the information age, there is a lot more knowledge being shared and the range of fashion is broader. People can share their own unique coordinates via social media so styles are becoming more individualistic. Also, there is more interest in health and beauty, and skincare for men is becoming the norm. I feel like fashion now encompasses all of these things.

My Top Place to Shop and Eat in Tokyo Are…

The Tender House: I like to lounge around and have a relaxed lunch on their open terrace on my days off. tender-house.jp/restaurant.html

Crisp Salad Works: They customize orders and you can also choose the type of dressing. They also do takeout, and since it’s close to my office I often come here for a healthy lunch. crisp.co.jp/salads

Futago Tamagawa Tsutaya Electrics: A spacious location with books of various genres. The joint café means you can have a coffee while you read. They also sell the latest electronics as well as plants. There are so many things in one shop, it’s a great place to kill some time. store.tsite.jp/futakotamagawa

Where to Find Banner Barrett

Instagram: banner_barrett