As a mother of young kids, it’s hard to find time in the morning to perfectly blow-dry your hair or apply simple make up, so following recent trends and putting them into action can sometimes seem like a dream. But, with these five easy and affordable pieces, as seen on mamas across Japan this summer, you can feel comfortable and confident whether you’re just picking up your child from the nursery or hitting up the latest café with your friends.

1. Polka Dots

Feminine yet quirky, stylish but not over-the-top…it’s no wonder that Japan’s 2020 streets have been awash in dots. In a variety of sizes and countless contrasting combinations across the color spectrum, polka dots are an easy print for mamas to rock in their closets. Transition your dotted apparel from the height of summer to the lazy days of late August and September with more somber colors — think navy and red like the pleated Uniqlo dress below. Or, try a less predictable vehicle for polka dots: a jumpsuit that requires no fussy mixing and matching yet is a complete look on its own — see Majestic Legon’s well-priced version below. 

Our style picks: Uniqlo’s navy and red polka dot dress (¥4,990) 


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Majestic Legon’s black and white polka dot jumpsuit (¥6,490)


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2. Earth Tones

Everywhere you look this summer, earth colors rule. Perhaps we reach for these colors when we’re in need of extra grounding and security thanks to Covid-19, but regardless of the reason, you can’t enter a playground in Japan this summer without being awash in earthy greens, browns, and oranges. For running after the kids outdoors, why not look to breezy but fashionable cargo pants, like those from Coen (below) which come in a range of the trendiest earthiest tones. Or, for a lunch out with the family, try a tawny orange botanical-themed dress, such as Té Chichi’s. 

Our style picks: Coen’s earth-toned cargo pants  (¥4,950) and Té Chichi’s flowery earth-toned one piece (¥10,989) 

3. Sports Sandals

Still holding strong from summer 2019, sports sandals are a trend that just keeps on giving to mums on the move. Padded, comfortable and versatile, sports sandals in Japan are so much more than just exercise gear. Style them this summer and fall with jeans, skirts, and even your date night dresses for maximum casual appeal while never worrying about a sore back and feet at the end of the day. Diana’s pairs below show how sports sandals can be dressed up with bows and even very contemporary prints. Try them out at the park (for compliments!), for your lunch run, and definitely on your commutes.   

Our style picks: Diana’s sports sandals (¥14,850) 


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4. Knit Shirts

Short-sleeve and sleeveless knits are also all the rage this summer proving that this preppy staple will keep going strong. Always classy and appropriate in a range of scenarios, whether you have a meet-up at school or have to run to work after dropping the little ones off, these light knits are another great transition item from scorching to fall-ish. GU’s knit shirt with a bow below demonstrates that you don’t need to spend a lot of time and money to look cute and put together while Doux Archives’ layered item can be styled with pants or a long skirt for a complete look. Bonus points since both of these styles also come in earth tones!

Our style picks: GU’s bowtie knit shirt (¥990) and Doux Archives’ knit shirt (¥8690) 


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5. Layered Necklaces 

On the accessories’ front, everywhere you look these days, layered jewelry is in — imagine those tiered rings you saw on Pinterest recently or your co-worker’s perfectly coordinated delicate chains. While we may not have the time to achieve this trend by shopping around for multiple compatible pieces, there’s a mama-friendly solution at your local accessory store. Try out double necklace sets, sold at Anemone for the budget conscious, or Canal 4ºC, if you’re ready to invest more in this style. The two necklaces sold together give you the look and the extra shine without the headache of comparison shopping.   

Our style picks:  Canal 4ºC’s double necklace set (¥15,000) and Anemone’s Double Necklace (¥1,870)


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For Tokyo mamas on the go or enjoying the extra stay-at-home time with the little ones, these five fashion tips will keep you comfortable and on trend with minimal prep time. Style with your favorite face mask for a safe late summer and early fall!