Daily stress — and we’ve certainly had a lot of this since the beginning of the year — can lead to occasional mood swings and a variety of skincare problems. But while we can’t avoid stress entirely, we can, at the very least, try to dedicate a few minutes in the day to mind and body relaxation, detox and skin rejuvenation. The following skincare products, all made from natural ingredients, can help you achieve this quickly, regardless of whether you’re staying at home or busy commuting through the city. 

Enzyme Face Wash Powder by Thera

This finely milled powder allows for a smooth and gentle wash to take the day off. Pick your favorite among three blends: natural, floral with hints of rose and blackcurrant or traditional, infused with Japanese medicinal ingredients. From ¥1,500 (plus tax), www.thera.jp

Natural 3D Face Mask by Sakurayukihada

Coated with 100 percent natural essential oils, this Japanese cotton sheet mask soothes even the most sensitive skin. Choose between lavender, chamomile and yuzu, and let the natural fragrances add a dose of aromatherapy to your evening routine. ¥1,800 (plus tax), sakurayuki-hada.jp

Kouji Hada Cream by Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Thanks to a high concentration of koji, a vital element in sake brewing, this cream softens and brightens skin. It’s free from artificial fragrances, instead offering a delicate aroma of malted rice. From ¥3,850, www.shop.rohto.co.jp

Hand Cream by Momohada Cosme

Made using rich essential oils, this natural hand cream keeps skin soft and moisturized. Other ingredients include yuzu, which helps fortify the skin’s barrier, and cherry leaf extract, which allows for hands to retain more moisture. ¥800 (plus tax), momohada.com

Kampotsubo Oil by Thera

This ampoule-shaped rollerball vial holds a blend of essential oils inspired by Eastern medicine including purple gromwell, cereals and wintergreen. Simply apply to your temples, inner wrists or any other pressure point to encourage relaxation.
¥2,800 (plus tax), www.thera.jp