Have you ever looked at Pikachu’s cheeks and wondered how you too could achieve such a healthy glow? This new collaboration between Japanese makeup brand &be and Pokemon might give you the answer. Just in time for summer the &be base makeup line is getting the Pokemon treatment with this wholesome looking collaboration.

pokemon makeup

What Makes This Primer So Good?

The &be UV Primer is already a household name amongst make-up enthusiasts, having sold more than 1 million units. It’s lauded for the amount of coverage it provides plus its ability to give a healthy, dewy look to the skin. As a primer it also offers some skin correction and toning up before adding other skin-related products. Most importantly the products come with a sunscreen rating of SPF50+ making this the perfect base for the long summer days.  

The Pokemon Effect

The collection comes in four colors, each represented by a unique Pokemon. The Shiny Glow color is represented by Pikachu and is said to contain gold and pearl pigments for a natural glow. Jigglypuff looks tickled pink in Peach Glow, a product with pink pearls to add a subtle flush. Eevee is the mascot for a standard skin tone color and has fine pearls to give the feeling of firm skin. Snorlax rounds up the crew with Sky Glow, a product that contains light blue pearls to enhance skin clarity. This is actually a brand new color that was specifically released for this collaboration. 

When you line the bottles up, the Pokemon designs look like they’re high-fiving each other. It’s both extremely adorable and also a brilliant marketing tactic to get fans to buy all four of the products.

Aside from the primer bottles, &be has also released a “founcealer” that’s said to be a hybrid product that doubles as foundation and concealer. These come with a cute design of Pikachu and Eevee high-fiving each other and are available in three different colors depending on your skin tone. 

&be can be found in most household, lifestyle and drug stores such as Loft, Atre, Ainz & Tulpe and @cosme. You can find a full list of where to find their products here.

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