Taking a vacation? Here are stylist Shoi Sapeta’s three must-haves for stylish, comfortable travel.

Wrinkle-resistant Clothes

Ironing is a pain on the best of days, but you sure don’t want to have to be worrying about it while on vacation. Luckily, certain fabrics can endure being folded up in a suitcase for long periods of time and still remain wrinkle free. For colder climates, go for Merino wool, fleece and polyester. And don’t forget thermal underwear such as Uniqlo’s heat-tech range. Those heading for sunny skies should focus on rayon and a linen blend (pure linen will wrinkle easily).

How to Pack for a Stress-Free Trip

Theory Merino wool-blend cardigan

A Silky Sleep Mask

When you can’t take your favorite pillow along with you, a silky sleeping mask can help you have sweet dreams both on the plane and at your hotel. This one by Slip (www.slip.com) is so small and super light to carry. Bonus tip: It makes a great gift for White Day.

Slip pillow caseShoes with Removable Heels

Heels not only take up precious space in your suitcase but often end up going unworn during a vacation (who wants to walk Tokyo flat in a pair of stilettos?). But these days there are several shoes on the market that can magically transform into flats thanks to removable heels. We particularly love Passion Footwear (pashionfootwear.com) and Tanya Heath’s luxury range of transformative footwear that offers multi-height interchangeable heels (www.tanyaheath.com).

Tanya Heath interchangeable heels

Tanya Heath interchangeable heels

Meet Our Style Expert

Shoi Sapeta is the founder and chief stylist of XYI Style Creation as well as an influencer working with Japanese fashion brands. XYI collaborates with different stylists and Japanese brands to offer efficient and effective styling services for daily life or special occasions.

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