Filmelangé’s garments are synonymous with comfort and understated luxury and this year’s Autumn/Winter collection is no exception. Harmonizing earth tones with gray and oatmeal hues, these pieces bring a touch of brightness to dull autumn days. All items are made with natural fibers, which help regulate body temperature and are kinder to your skin once the dry cold of Tokyo winters hit.  

Light, Soft and Beautiful

This season’s key words are light, soft and beautiful. Filmelangé has created a collection of seasonal staples in classic silhouettes that are cozy, versatile and long lasting. Using a combination of wool varieties – including merino and yak wool – and cotton, each garment is soft, breathable and 100 percent wearable in any weather this season. With so many gorgeous individual pieces it was hard to choose a favorite, but here are some of our top picks.

Men: Starkey Cardigan

We love Starkey, a classic knit sweater with a nostalgic feel. Inspired by vintage cowl sweaters, this casual-yet-classy cocooning knitwear buttons up to the neck for optimal heat retention. Because it’s made using a combination of thick slub yarn and thin lambs’ wool, it’s airy and soft and keeps its shape easily. Starkey comes in three colors: white melange, gunyjo (deep ultramarine) and natsumegu (bright orange).

Top tip: Buy this for your man, but keep it for yourself. 

Women’s: Cloe 

Inspired by US Navy CPO shirts, this long, 100 percent wool cardigan reaches down to the calves, making it perfect for cooler autumn evenings and warm winter days alike. Its fluffy and pliable texture creates a comfortable fit that is gentle on skin. Wear it on its own as a sweater dress with the belt cinched, or open and loose like an oversized cardigan – the styling options are endless. Comes in black navy, melange (gray), and brown/green.

Top tip: Pair it with a wide leather belt for a more dramatic look. 

Unisex: York Scarf

The York scarf is part of a collection of knitwear – including the Young mittens and Yarnold neck warmer – made exclusively using yak wool. Harvested at an altitude of 3,500 to 4,500 meters on the Tibetan Plateau, yak wool is as fine as cashmere and has similar moisture retention, but with the advantage of 130 percent more air permeability. This makes it warm without getting stuffy. The buffalo horn toggle keeps it snug and adds a focal point to the otherwise simple design. The York scarf comes in oatmeal, melange (gray) and navy.

Top tip: The short length of this scarf makes it easy to wear with a suit jacket.

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