No monsters were harmed in the making of this accessory. A brand-new wallet has been released to commemorate Godzilla’s 70th anniversary. Perhaps the wallet itself is a symbol of how much money the franchise has made worldwide considering the box office success of Godzilla Minus One. While not actually made from the reptile’s skin, it is heavily inspired by the Godzilla suit that was originally sculpted by Akira Ibaraki. 

Artisan Crafted

Tokusatsu fans will no doubt recognize Ibaraki’s name as one of the key sculptors on several kaiju-related media projects. He’s best known for his unique way of modeling and ability to add a sense of realism to his work through coloring. 

The material used for the wallet is high-quality cowhide leather. To really give it that larger-than-life effect, the leather has also been embossed using three-dimensional techniques reminiscent of the original model. The front and back sides of the wallet are made based on Godzilla’s chest and lower body, so the texture will feel different depending on which side you’re holding.

The wallet has a whopping 19 pockets inside with an all-round zipper to help keep things secure yet easily accessible. The interior is made from a type of durable fabric that should be resistant even with frequent use. As a nice touch, a key ring shaped like Godzilla’s dorsal fin has also been added.

Godzilla wallet

A Classic Package

In true homage to the classic films, the box that the wallet comes in has been styled to resemble the 1954 Godzilla film poster. On the sides are also the official 70th anniversary logos, so you know that this is definitely a collectors’ piece.Those interested in claiming a piece of kaiju history can order the wallets directly at Premico. One wallet will set you back ¥32,780 (tax included).

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