Each month, we interview Tokyo-based designers or trendsetters to find out what inspires their style and where they love to shop in the city. This February, we chat with Komatsu Miki, the co-founder and designer of Adelly clothing brand.

Tokyo Local Style Profiles

Komatsu Miki

My Clothing Brand Is…

A collaboration between myself and a team of stylists and designers. We debuted Adelly in Spring/Summer 2018. We put forward reliable creations, produced with skill, that seize unique aesthetics and contemporaneity on which we build the next era of clothing. 

Tokyo Fashion is… Driven by the whimsical tastes of the Japanese, I believe. Edo period’s famous artist, Utagawa Kuniyoshi, was especially good at blending pop art, otherworldly elements, the quaint and tradition. Technique and skill alone are not enough.

Tokyo Fashion Is…

very similar to the Galapagos Islands. It evolved and matured to the point that it is unlike others exactly because it fell behind the rest of the world. There might not be as much enthusiasm surrounding Tokyo fashion as there used to be in the late nineties, but I can sense a comeback.  

My Favorite Places to Shop in Tokyo Are…

Dover Street Market Ginza: Every time I go here there is something that catches my attention and I learn a lot about setting up shop displays. ginza.doverstreetmarket.com

Rosy Baroque: I am always in high spirits when I visit this secondhand shop that’s packed with romantic clothes. @rosy_baroque

Himitsudo: This one’s for kakigori “shopping” rather than clothes. Based in Yanaka, this shaved ice shop has the best homemade syrups. himitsudo.com

Where to Find Adelly

Instagram: adelly.tokyo