Whether you’ve got a special occasion planned or you’re just in the mood for change, there are several ways to inject a touch of surprise into your usual look while keeping things laidback and stylish.

Note, says stylist Shoi Sapeta, these tips are not meant for those seeking a radical wardrobe overhaul; they’re simply easy, effortless ways to enhance your romantic impact.

Tone Down with Monochrome

If you tend to favor more colorful daily wear, then consider building your outfit with monochrome hues instead. Any romantic or soft colors are good for Valentine’s Day. An easy way to create a monochrome look is to stick to one color (or pattern) and pair it with a similar tone – be sure to only include one pattern per outfit. This ups the class and elegance of the entire look. Mixing textures is also a wonderful way to keep an outfit interesting – again, make sure to stick with one-color tones.

Fendi asymmetric silk-twill midi skirt

Make Your Accessories Count

For those who favor a more minimalist, androgynous style and want to keep it this way on Valentine’s Day, your accessories are an easy way to catch that extra bit of attention. Choose shoes, bags and statement jewelry in different shades of pink, red, white or even gold. These are the colors of romance but they also pair and contrast well with more muted gray and black items.

Oscar de la Renta gold-tone earrings

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

If you generally enjoy adding a bit of playfulness to your look, then go all out with the heart and love motifs. We are currently lusting after Gucci’s ace-embroidered sneakers.

Gucci ace-embroidered sneakers

Meet Our Style Expert

Shoi Sapeta is the founder and chief stylist of XYI Style Creation as well as an influencer working with Japanese fashion brands. XYI collaborates with different stylists and Japanese brands to offer efficient and effective styling services for daily life or special occasions.

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