Hit Roppongi for a different kind of overnighter this spring: Roppongi Art Night 2014 will have you up until dawn.

One of the most anticipated annual events is returning soon, with the tagline “Move Your Body!” as a theme. The all-night extravaganza will throw the spotlight on art’s infinite capacity to move the human mind and body. The fifth edition of this festival takes place in multiple venues all over Roppongi, ensuring a constant flow of visitors throughout the night- and the whole weekend. The locations include streets, parks, restaurants and stores, as well as noted sites such as Roppongi Hills, Mori Arts Museum and Tokyo Midtown.

The energetic theme “Move Your Body!” reflects the energy of the nation’s people, now celebrating a renewed momentum in the economy, and the excitement over hosting the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games. One of the highlights of Roppongi Art Night 2014 will be the One Body project, in which artist Yoshinari Nishio will produce a giant patchwork creation from used clothing collected in the Roppongi area. The artist will also hold a workshop on how to create art with used clothing, encouraging donations from the public.

The 32-hour nonstop party includes an artistic parade, dance performances organized by dancer Kim Ito, and talk sessions with artists. You can head to the Andy Warhol Cafe for a special talk (in Japanese only) entitled “Made in Japan: The Story of Warhol’s Kiku Series”, where three art professionals who were directly involved with Warhol’s exhibitions in Japan or the creation of the Kiku series, will relate untold stories and Warhol’s reception in Japan.

Most activities are free, and guests are encouraged to walk freely from one venue to another. Although the exhibits last all weekend, the core event strictly follows the sun’s schedule, starting at 18:17 on April 19 (right at sunset) and ending at sunrise, 5:03 on April 20 – just in time to catch those first trains back to bed.

Roppongi Art Night 2014

When: April 19, 18:17–April 20, 5:03

Where: Around Roppongi (see map)


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