Pharrell fans have another reason to be happy: the R & B star has just released a video for the song “It Girl.”

This time, following the live-action action of “Marilyn Monroe” and “Come Get It Bae” (two tracks from his newest album, G I R L), Mr. Williams has taken his outsize hat into the animated world of Takashi Murakami, the artist who has sometimes been dubbed “The Andy Warhol of Japan.” This video sends Pharrell on a trip through a variety of retro video game landscapes, including a long jaunt through the “virtual girlfriend” genre. And in case you hadn’t gotten enough of the Japanese beach scene this year, you’re in luck—either because the video went behind schedule, or Pharrell and company wanted to give us a little something-something to keep us warm as the days start getting colder, “It Girl” is all about the summer, featuring plenty of oceanside fireworks, beach houses, and bikini-clad volleyball action.

Takashi Murakami has teamed up with Pharrell before, and the artist, who gained notoriety for his visual remixing of the classic Louis Vuitton brand, definitely raised the bar for animated videos with his “Good Morning” clip for the fashion-forward Kanye West. “It Girl” puts Murakami in a producing role, with Mr. (just Mr., thank you) and Fantasista Utamaro directing.

Plenty of funky touches abound, including spacefaring dolphin ship, Mount Rushmore with some new faces, and … well, you’ll have to check it out yourself:


For a look at Murakami’s first foray into the world of music video, here’s “Good Morning:”