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4 Reasons Why You Should Have a Softcream Date

Add a bit of sweet spontaneity to your dating life

By Zoria Petkoska

As we ease our way out of Tokyo’s scorching summer, plenty of that heat is forecast to spill well into mid-autumn. So if you’re thinking about what to do on your next date, softcream is a guaranteed way to keep things chilled. Even as we head towards winter, Nissei Corporation, Japan’s oldest and most famous softcream producer, promises that softcream suits any season. Since softcream is served at around minus five degrees Celsius, it’s always soft and smooth – and never too cold. Need a few extra reasons to go on a softcream date? Here are four more…

Photo by Allan Abani

1. It’s Spontaneous

The perfect date can take a lot of planning and commitment. However, a softcream date is ideal for the more spontaneous type who likes to surprise that special someone. It’s also perfect for couples who are simply looking for something to do here and now – there’s always a softcream seller nearby, wherever you are. If you take your softcream to go, as many sellers offer it, you and your date can enjoy a relaxed stroll or an impromptu picnic, without the stress of arranging everything beforehand. Think after-work hangout or lunchbreak treat – whenever time is short or the occasion unexpected. Still, your date won’t feel rushed or thoughtless, because there’s always something quirky and whimsical about softcream.

2. Perfect for a First Date 

Another reason to keep your date short and sweet is if it’s a first date and you’re testing the waters. A softcream date is romantic enough to impress, while at the same time helps you avoid having to commit to a three-course dinner so you can properly test to see if the right chemistry is there. What about when you’re on a dinner date and it’s going well? Softcream can help you extend the moment with an after-meal treat.

Photo by David Jaskiewicz

3. There’s Romance in Sharing

Part of the softcream’s romantic appeal is in its opportunity for sharing. In Japan, sharing any food or drinks is considered an indirect kiss and you may well spot a few couples in Japan enjoying one cone of softcream with two spoons. It’s like that spaghetti scene in Lady and the Tramp, only much sweeter.

4. You Can Pair it With a Glorious View

There are countless places around Tokyo to enjoy softcream, but if you’re looking for our recommendation, TW loves Paradise Lounge (top image). This retro-futuristic café wraps around the 46th floor of the brand-new Shibuya Scramble building, offering a marvelous city view. Aside from their mouthwatering array of softcream flavors such as ramune, they also have delicious cocktails. It’s an ideal spot for those with heads already in the clouds.

Photo by Allan Abani

Which Softcream to Choose For Your Date? Cremia!

We don’t want to play favorites, especially when it comes to always-delicious softcream, but let’s just say Cremia is a special case. Created by Nissei, it’s a luxurious take on softcream everyone can enjoy. This premium softcream is reaping awards worldwide. The cone is made from langue de chat biscuit. The softcream is poured to have a unique wavy shape, so you can recognize Cremia anywhere.

Photo by Ryoko Ogawa

Currently, there are three Cremia flavors available: milk, chocolate and caramel, while also any of those can be served by swirling them into a duo in one cone. Please note that not all softcream servers have Cremia, and others might only have one or two flavors of Cremia available. Nevertheless, the hunt for this heavenly creaminess will be absolutely worthy – especially if your special date for the night has high dessert standards.

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