TOPThe Weekend(er): A Way to Unwind

The Weekend(er): A Way to Unwind

By Natalie Jacobsen

Can you believe we are closing out May this weekend? While some of us are in denial of the year creeping towards being half over, we’re looking ahead to the weekend, and all that comes with it.

Most of the events we have for recommendations are leaning neatly in the “low-key” category, unless, that is, you’re planning on checking out Re:birth. Participate in one of the events listed being held for a good cause, learn something new at a gallery or museum, experience another culture, or indulge in a night of music and family fun with the Kitchen Disco organizers. We’ve got it all! Which one(s) will you choose?


Re:birth Music Festival 2016

If you’re looking for something completely out of the ordinary, try Re:birth on for size. This small-scaled Coachella meets Burning Man meets Japan – the latter carrying the most weight – is a wild ride of its own. With surreal, life-like abstract sculptures, light shows, and a minimum of 10 stages, with music playing 24/7, Re:birth is more than a music experience. Situated on the coasts of Chiba, this hideaway-festival is a perfect weekend escape.


The Kyushu Izakaya Night

Support the recovery efforts for earthquake-affected areas in Kyushu by sampling sake and shochu from the region at OnJapan Bar! Drinks and snacks start from only ¥200, and 30 percent of all proceeds and profits earned will be given as donations to appropriate groups. Experts will be introducing a few popular brands, and providing information on the distilling processes.


The Music of “Italia Amore Mio”!

Celebrate 150 years of friendship between Italy and Japan with food, music, fashion, and cars! Roppongi Hills will be transformed into a “little Italy,” and Tokyoites are invited to explore all Italy has to offer. Tourism companies will be on stand-by to help you book a trip for your upcoming summer vacation…

True Nature 2016 in Karuizawa

Looking to get out of Tokyo, but interest not piqued by Re:birth? Maybe a yoga retreat is just what the doctor ordered! Spend the weekend surrounded by nature, far from civilization, in good company – and good hands, with expert yoga instructors, and relaxation professionals.

Game On
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Game On: Why Are Video Games So Interesting?

Miraikan in Odaiba constantly deliver hands-on exhibits and peeks into the future, full of innovation, robots, and plenty of video games. Explore some of gamers old favorite systems, 120 games, and the new world of virtual reality. The last weekend this exhibit will be held – don’t miss out!


TELL Runathon 2016

Run along Tama River for a cause! Help raise donations and awareness while supporting Tokyo’s leading mental health counseling and emergency hotline services this weekend. Runs will range from five to 10km, and kids are more than welcome to join – for free. Runners will be hitting the trails, rain or shine!

kitchen disco

Live from Kitchen Disco: 2nd Birthday Special

This 24th volume of the Kitchen Disco series is going to be a madhouse this Sunday. With British band The Watanabes headlining, half a dozen of other bands participating, Papera serving up curry dishes into the night, and the whole thing being fit for the whole family, what’s not to love? Support them in their second birthday during this special “disco”!



Yosuke Takeda’s “Arise”

Takeda is a young photographer, bent on capturing nature in a unique way: using “digital flares” to paint the photographs. See the brilliant photos of branches hanging gently in the sun, the earthly tones bringing color to Taka Ishii gallery’s walls.

Raizan Yasunaga

Raizan Yasunaga: Recent Works

For this weekend only, stop by the White Space Gallery for a look at Kyushu ceramic artist Yasunaga’s latest pieces. Both of his traditional and slightly alternative works are both fascinating, and not to be missed.


Pixar: 30 Years of Animation

The epic gallery of childhood nostalgia and memories is finally coming to a close this weekend. If you still haven’t made the trek to check out the early sketches by Pixar artists, your favorite characters, and all of the tear-jerking scenes drilled into your brain, this is your final chance!


Sato Haguri Sculptures

For our last recommendation: a sculpture exhibit. These wooden crafts by Haguri are whimsical and child-like, bringing joy to those who pass by. Award-winning in design and originality, the compelling pieces were crafted over several years to put together this collection. Ends this weekend!

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