Ready for some sweet sweet softcream adventures with us?

In this YouTube video series, we’ve partnered with the Japanese softcream maker Nissei to show you some of the great sights around Japan and the softcream that you can taste only in a particular area. Loyal TW readers might have seen a previous guide we did on several unique flavors of softcream from Hokkaido to Kyushu. Our YouTube video series will dive much deeper, climb much higher, and travel much further to bring you the best of the best of this sweet treat.

However, we are starting close to home – Tokyo. Japan’s capital has always been lauded for great flavors and the sheer quantity and variety of them. Naturally, Tokyo has a whole range of softcream flavors on offer too, most often found around the best tourist spots. In this video, we parse Tokyo from west to east, we go up on Mount Takao, we sip some proper matcha tea in Asakusa, we try delicious softcream with a great view in Shibuya… among other things. Why bore you with the details, when we have the whole adventure on video?


After you watched the video, let us know in the comments whether you’ve tried those unique softcream flavors before. And stay tuned for more, because our next adventure will be in Kanagawa prefecture.

A big thanks to Nissei for sponsoring this video. Nissei is a leading manufacturer specialized in soft serve ice cream products. They provide many delicious flavors of softcream all over Japan, and we will travel around Japan to show you as many of those local flavors as we can.  

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