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This time, we introduce Erica Ward and her dreamlike imageries of Tokyo. These works can best be described as an exquisite merging of sublime surrealism and pop aesthetics. The meticulous assemblage of urban elements and nature gives her surreal Tokyo art an almost spellbinding quality. This includes trains and apartment blocks perching from the folds of greeneries and road signs peering from hydrangeas.

erica ward solo exhibition

Erica ward

“My art often creates some kind of in-between space, be it an intersection of reality and fantasy, of familiar and unfamiliar, or intersections of identity,” says Ward. She adds that she discovered even more of these liminal spaces after moving to Tokyo. No matter how surreal an image, she has some mysterious power to convince us for a moment that it’s real.

by Erica Ward

“The more perspectives I try to take on Tokyo, the more the city begins to feel like a living entity. I’ve enjoyed trying out different visual metaphors to capture this feeling,” says the artist. These visual metaphors distill Tokyo and Japan. They capture the essence of the country and city, so anyone looking at the paintings will instantly find something familiar.

Ward hopes her art will both remind past travelers of their trip to Japan, as well as inspiring Tokyoites to look at their metropolis in new ways.

Erica Ward for TW Creatives

About the Artist

Erica Ward is an artist and illustrator from California living in Tokyo. Her detailed Japan-inspired works of watercolor and ink combine the mundane and the surreal. She often exhibits her work in Tokyo in small art galleries and cafes as well as big fairs and events. You can stay up to date with her on the following pages:




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Here are a few more of her works. The cat and train pictures have proved particularly popular on Instagram.

Erica Ward for TW Creatives

Erica Ward for TW Creatives

Erica Ward for TW Creatives

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