The Blue Steak Wonder hotels, all situated on the island of Okinawa, live up to their name. Like their evocative and slightly perplexing moniker, they possess an idiosyncratic, captivating charm that sets them apart from everything around them. The accommodations are spread through three modern and chic buildings, two in scenic Yomitan and one in the lively coastal town of Chatan. Each of these has a distinctive design, and each promises a different type of luxurious oceanside experience, whether you’re traveling as a family, taking a romantic getaway or in pursuit of a beach party.  

The hotels were constructed by Hiromitsu Hirose, who made a name for himself as an architect in Tokyo before moving to Okinawa 20 years ago. He worked alongside two of his close friends on the design and decoration, and they proudly bill the hotels as the brainchild of three ojisan. That helps to explain the name, as well; they came up with the idea one night over steak. It may be unusual, but it definitely incites curiosity. And, as Hirose explained in an interview, it stands as a testament to its creators’ resolute originality, creativity and independent thinking — values that are apparent in every inch of the rooms they’ve built.

Three Exceptional Ways To Enjoy Okinawa

Yomitan: Blue Steak Wonder Nagahama and Blue Steak Wonder Senaha

Each Blue Steak Wonder hotel is designed with intense attention to detail, replete with exotic and original flourishes. Both Yomitan properties are perched right on the coast, allowing for easy beach access and panoramic ocean views. They’re also both condominium-style, with two bathrooms, a kitchen and a washer-dryer in every room. Of the two, Blue Steak Wonder Nagahama is best suited for groups and families. There’s ample sleeping space, and the centerpiece of every room is a warm, wooden, 3-meter-long table around which families and friends can gather. The Blue Steak Wonder Senaha has a more sleek and minimalist design, with black and gray accents accentuating the ocean’s vibrant beauty. From the top floor, the view through the floor-to-ceiling windows feels infinite, making it ideal for couples or groups looking to relax in a sumptuous setting. 

Beyond the famous white-sand beaches, staying in Yomitan also gives guests easy access to a variety of cultural sites in Okinawa, including Yachimun no Sato, a picturesque pottery village in the hills; the Zakimi Castle ruins; and Okashigoten Yomitan, a bakery and souvenir shop where you can see directly into a factory that makes the region’s famous beni-imo tarts.

Chatan: Blue Steak Wonder Chatan

The Blue Steak Wonder Chatan, located in the heart of its namesake town, has a slightly different feel. Compared to the Yomitan locations, which have six rooms (Nagahama) and three rooms (Senaha), the building is much bigger, standing at 10 stories tall, with 30 rooms in six different types. Visitors can opt to stay in smaller — but still exquisite — twin and triple rooms, in condo-style spaces, in the deluxe suites or in the building’s crown jewel: a spacious, bright executive penthouse, which offers an expansive view of the sea and cityscape. It has two large bedrooms, each with two double beds and a private bathroom. The kitchen and living room boast massive windows looking out on both the shoreline and the cityscape, which can also be enjoyed from the room’s large, private veranda. 


Chatan is a prime location on the island, too, with a reputation for being international and welcoming. The Blue Steak Wonder Chatan is only a few minutes by car from American Village and the region’s renowned Sunset Beach. Heading out on foot, guests can partake in the area’s warm beach culture: Around the hotel, you’ll find an abundance of shops, cafés, restaurants, bars, dive stores and yoga studios. It’s also right by the Sunabe Seawall, one of the island’s most popular places to surf, dive and snorkel (or just walk along the coast, admiring the turquoise waters, if that’s more your speed). 

A Different Kind of Beach Vacation

The Blue Steak Wonder hotels don’t resemble typical beachside stays; there’s an air of exoticism about them, but also of chic, studied minimalism that recalls an art gallery. Every aspect of the experience is carefully considered, from the appliances and tableware to the bedding and the wall and ceiling colors. 

The hotels all share a unique trait as well: They all lack common spaces for guests to congregate, like lounges, bars or restaurants. There are two reasons for this. The first is that it creates a sense of cozy, secluded privacy, as though you’ve been whisked away to your own, dream seaside apartment. (These hotels are great for those looking for a long-term stay.) The second is to encourage visitors to get out and explore Okinawa, interacting with the local landscape and community and discovering all that the area has to offer for themselves. 

Luxury, Comfort and Convenience

In the rooms with kitchens, the hotel also provides a traveling chef service. Guests who want a one-of-a-kind in-suite dining experience can choose between two private chefs, one expertly trained in Japanese cuisine and one versed in Western-style food. Chef Hashimoto, who specializes in Japanese food, takes great care to use fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced from the region. Expect luscious sea grapes, premium Agu pork, fresh sashimi and rare fruits that can only be found on the island, to name just a few.

Though the rooms may not look typically Japanese at first glance, there’s something distinctly Japanese about them; they’re imbued with a design philosophy that’s incredibly particular about aesthetics and comfort. The rooms are opulent, spacious and pleasant to spend time in, with gorgeous bathrooms and baths — particularly the penthouse at Chatan, which has an outdoor shower and soaking tub on its veranda. Despite each location’s close proximity to the shore, those staying at a Blue Steak Wonder hotel might find themselves lingering in the room instead of rushing right to the beach, basking in the airy, sunlit spaces and enjoying the sublimely cozy atmosphere.

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