Whether you’re a recent initiate or a well-versed camper, knowing how to prepare and start a good campfire is a necessary skill. Finding a safe spot for your fire, however, is only the first step. Collecting and preparing wood is also key to creating a campfire that will not only be the base to make or reheat meals but also keep you warm throughout the night.

bushcraft knife wood chopping

Designed For All

Muthos Homura’s Bushcraft Knife is a must-have tool for campers, allowing even the inexperienced to make a campfire with ease. Most outdoor knives on the market have double-edged blades and are not specifically designed and marketed for woodwork. And though they are practical, they can be intimidating to purchase, as they require some acclimatization and a certain amount of skill. The Bushcraft Knife, on the other hand, features a design patented asymmetrical blade. One side of the knife is smooth and round, while the other is a simple straight blade. This combination makes it a versatile tool that can be used to carve bigger pieces like firewood or delicate branches for kindling.

Most importantly, however, it’s beginner-friendly, meaning that even those new to the outdoor hobby can confidently adopt and use. Each blade is made of high-strength stainless steel, manufactured using cutting-edge technology with full use of 3D machines, and polished by expert artisans — the perfect combination of modern machinery and traditional craftsmanship.

The finished product is a durable knife with ideal hardness and toughness, all desirable qualities for a true camping essential. The knife is further enhanced by a sleek rosewood handle shaped with right-handers in mind. What’s more, it comes with its very own Tochigi leather case which is ideal for portability and keeps the knife snug but accessible — in addition to a paulownia-crafted box. During the off-season the knife can also be displayed in your home.

bushcraft knife

Over 50 Years of Engineering

Bushcraft Knife Prominence MH-001 is a product available within the Muthos Homura brand, which officially launched in 2022 and runs as part of leading Niigata-based company Kobayashi Tool MFG. Co., Ltd. Founded in 1966, Kobayashi Tool MFG. Co., Ltd. specializes in original equipment manufacturing (OEM), and the company’s eye for design and craft is evident in every facet of Muthos Homura. In addition to handy tools, Muthos Homura produces comfortable camping gear. Every item in the brand’s catalog is inspired by Kobayashi Tool MFG. Co., Ltd.’s rich history in manufacturing craftsman-level tools.