On April 12, Nishitetsu Hotel Croom Hakata Gion will open its doors in Hakata ward’s charming Gionmachi area, welcoming guests from near and far to its sleek interiors and community-based spirit.

Convenience is King

Nishitetsu Hotel Croom Hakata Gion is only a one-minute walk from Kushida Shrine Station, a recently added extension to the Nanakuma Line on Fukuoka City’s subway network. Guests can zip between Fukuoka Airport and the hotel, located in the heart of the central Gionmachi district, in a mere 12 minutes.

The surrounding area is brimming with cozy izakaya and bars, small shops and other intriguing spots not listed on typical tourist maps. It is also — as the nearest subway station name indicates — close to Kushida Shrine, one of Fukuoka’s most venerated shrines and host of the Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival, which draws throngs of exuberant participants every year. Beyond that, there are several temples, shopping arcades, museums and art spaces to explore — all within walking distance from Nishitetsu Hotel Croom Hakata Gion.

Home Away from Home

Whether your visit to Fukuoka is a workation, a standard business trip or a long, leisurely sojourn with your family, Nishitetsu Hotel Croom Hakata Gion has you covered. From family-style hotel rooms with bunk beds for the little ones to mini apartments with washing machines, microwaves and other convenient appliances, there are spaces for any type of traveler.

Be sure to make the most of the half open-air bath during your stay, where you can stretch out and enjoy the feeling of a hot spring resort, while still benefiting from the convenience of a central city hub.

Keeping it Local

One of Nishitetsu Hotel Croom Hakata Gion’s leading objectives is to create a second home at your travel destination. In order to do that, they have created Croom Stand, an open community space where visitors and locals alike can work, play and exchange ideas.

Overnight guests can also enjoy the very best of Fukuoka Prefecture’s produce, as the breakfast buffet serves up locally sourced vegetables and freshly baked bread and other delicacies every morning.

For more information, visit Nishitetsu Hotel Croom Hakata Gion’s official website.