Mount Fuji is the crown jewel of Japanese nature tourism; iconic and majestic, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime destination for foreign and domestic travelers alike. For those in search of a uniquely memorable stay, the luxurious Fuji Speedway Hotel offers stunning scenery, exclusive tours and one-of-a-kind adventures right beside Japan’s most famous landmark.

Location, Location, Location

Fuji Speedway Hotel is named for the world-famous racetrack it neighbors. And though staying alongside the iconic race circuit is an unforgettable experience in and of itself, Fuji Speedway is much more than a dream destination for motor sports fans. Part of The Unbound Collection by Hyatt, the hotel exudes luxury in an ideal, idyllic location — at the foot of Mount Fuji, it’s only 13 kilometers from the Tomei Expressway, and a convenient 90-minute drive from Haneda Airport and 100-minute drive from Mount Fuji Shizuoka Airport. Local train stations such as Gotemba and Suruga-Oyama are also close by.

Explore Mount Fuji in Style

Fuji Speedway ensures that guests get to experience the best of Mount Fuji with every season. Those staying in the hotel can take advantage of exclusive, small-group guided tours year-round, including an unforgettable sunrise expedition and a more relaxed but equally scenic morning hike. Between May and October, there are tours of Mount Hoei, a flank volcano situated on Mount Fuji’s southeastern slope that’s slightly easier to climb and has an incomparable view of the legendary peak. And from July 10 to September 10, particularly active guests can partake in a complete Fuji hike.

No matter how intense your desired excursion, though, staying at Fuji Speedway Hotel guarantees that your day will start and end in complete luxury and comfort.

Culture, Up-Close and Personal

In the comfort of the hotel, guests can bask in expansive views from the opulent lounge, restaurants, hot springs and individual rooms. For those who want to learn more about Fuji, the Mount Fuji Museum and facilities that teach the history, culture and religious background of the sacred mountain are mere minutes away from the hotel.

At Fuji Speedway Hotel, guests can experience firsthand the physical beauty and cultural significance of Mount Fuji, all while luxuriating in the comfort of top-tier accommodations. If the mountain’s healing powers aren’t enough to fully rejuvenate you, Fuji Speedway Hotel will take care of the rest.

Where to Book a Room at Fuji Speedway

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