It’s impossible to think about getting your hands on English books in Tokyo without thinking of Tsutaya. The Roppongi branch of the bookstore chain brings an unparalleled level of sophistication and culture, all with a shared love for high-quality drinks and cocktails. The thoughtfully curated store blends seamlessly with the neighboring museums and galleries as well as the vibrant nightlife of the area. This month, the welcoming, refined confines of ROPPONGI TSUTAYA BOOKS plays host to Tokyo Weekender’s Sake Fair.

Located at the heart of Minato Ward and joined as part of the Roppongi Hills complex, the café and bookstore offers a warm welcome to the international community that lives in the area. Tsutaya carries not only the latest titles in Japanese literature but an extensive collection of English publications, too. It’s hard to say no to sipping coffee while flipping through your latest purchase, but what if we told you there was more to drink than just a cup of joe?

While the café takes over part of the first floor, allowing for busy Tokyoites to go in and out with efficiency, on the second floor there is The Lounge. This space is meant, instead, for those who plan to stay a while and enjoy their time. Decorated with contemporary and minimalist interior decor and with plenty of seating to go around, here visitors are encouraged to relax and contemplate. For those lucky enough to secure one of their armchairs, they can enjoy one of the best spots in Tokyo to hang around and people-watch. Whether you’re visiting alone to catch up on some work, meeting with a potential investor whom you want to feel comfortable or getting together with some friends you haven’t caught up within a long time, you can’t go wrong with heading to The Lounge. Private meeting rooms and reserved seating are also available. Simply contact the store for more information.

When it comes to choosing what to drink at The Lounge, prepare to be spoiled with choice. The curated menu hopes to inspire conversation on the latest cultural trends. In addition to original blends of coffee and tea, you can take your pick among a large variety of high-quality drinks and cocktails. In tune with the Book Gallery, seasonal drinks inspired by authors, books and even movie directors is one of The Lounge’s specialties. The bar also carries a wide variety of spirits and liquors, from well-known international whiskey to Japan-made gin. Also on the menu are an assortment of cheeses and charcuterie, which pair perfectly with a glass of red wine.

When visiting during the Sake Fair, check out the other selections ROPPONGI TSUTAYA BOOKS has to offer. On the second floor, you will also find an exponent collection of beautiful sake cups and utensils from all over Japan, highlighting the myriad materials and textures used to enhance the sake drinking experience.

Launching on the same day as the Sake Fair is also the “Living with Artistic Bonsai” exhibition, a unique event that introduces a new bonsai brand called “BUDDHA BONSAI,”  which combines Buddha statues with bonsai.

The powerful roots of the bonsai are intertwined with the Buddha statue, symbolizing “life and death” and “a long period of time.” Each bonsai is carefully tailored by a craftsman as an “exposed roots bonsai,” making each piece a one-of-a-kind work. The event runs from October 24 through November 6, so stop by to have a peek on your way to the Sake Fair.

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