Japan’s capital is a great start to a travel adventure, one that stretches further out to travel spots imbued with history. Our adventure is heading south to Kyushu, home to some of Japan’s most stunning nature and cultural sites and Kyushu x Tokyo has created some of the best itineraries encompassing them. Pre-planned, certified by travel experts and comfortable for English-speaking guests, the offers range from two-week to overnight itineraries. The tours conveniently start in Tokyo, including some of the city’s sites. Here’s what your dream Kyushu trip could include if you travel with Kyushu x Tokyo’s itineraries.

Tokyo: Tradition Meets Modernity in Asakusa

Start your trip at the fan-favorite tourist destination in Tokyo – Asakusa. Explore the staple spots of this historic neighborhood such as Tokyo’s oldest temple Sensoji and Tokyo Sky Tree, the world’s tallest free-standing broadcasting tower, and witness Asakusa from the waterline on the Tokyo Water Bus. Kyushu x Tokyo combines this must-see Tokyo area with another old charming neighborhood, Yanaka Ginza. You end the day strolling the streets of Yanaka Ginza lined with small family-owned stores. 

Miyazaki: A Spiritual Coastal Paradise

The Kyushu leg of your trip takes you to the heavenly Miyazaki Prefecture, known for its natural offerings, from some of Japan’s most stunning waterfalls at Takachiho Gorge to expansive forestry on the Obi Castle grounds. You can feel Miyazaki’s healing energy in the calm of spiritual sites as well as in its beautiful waters. A wonderful hybrid of nature and culture, Miyazaki has some incredibly picturesque sites like Aoshima Shrine’s bright crimson torii gates against the bright blue backdrop of the sky and coastline. Also visit Udo Shrine, a spiritual power spot that’s connected with Emperor Jinmu (711 BC – 585 BC), the legendary first emperor of Japan. If you’re feeling adventurous, join in on a pack rafting tour and dive right into the aquatic culture of Miyazaki.

Saga: Ancient Ceramic Tradition

Saga is known for a number of natural wonders and historical sites, but nothing beats its ceramic tradition. When porcelain, a highly valuable resource, was discovered in Arita, the ruling Nabeshima Clan built up defenses and isolated the neighboring Okawachiyama, effectively transforming it into the “Village of the Secret Kilns.” The air of mystery and artistic craftsmanship still permeates modern Okawachiyama, a town mainly comprising ceramic stores and studios. Go “treasure-hunting” at the Kouraku Kiln, and rummage through the rows upon rows of pottery to take home your favorite ceramic creations as a souvenir.

Nagasaki: The Hills Are Alive 

Hop over to Nagasaki and see things from a different altitude. Nagasaki is famous as a port and a shipbuilding center, but it’s much more than its lively marina. Though largely surrounded by water, Nagasaki has idyllic rolling hills and an impressive list of national parks. Trek through Mount Myoken and Mount Kunimi on a beginner-friendly hike and witness Japan’s newest mountain, the Heisei Shinyama. If traveling by bike is more your tempo, explore Nagasaki on a cycling tour starting from the top of the hills all the way to the ocean.

Onsen Pit Stop

As an island formed by volcanic rock, Kyushu has some of Japan’s best hot springs, and a rejuvenating breather at some of the famous onsens is much needed on the road. Many of the Kyushu x Tokyo itineraries include hot spring stops to relax the muscles after long days of exploring. 

In Nagasaki, visit Unzen Jigoku, quite literally meaning Unzen Hell, which contrary to its name is incredibly lovely albeit steamy. It’s located inside Unzen National Park, which is considered Japan’s very first national park. Bask in the steam and aroma of natural hot springs and the sounds of nature in the most pleasant hell one can experience. 

When in Saga, stop by Ureshino Onsen, a hot spring town with natural waters high in minerals that will make you understand why it’s called bihada no yu (water of beautiful skin). Stopping by some of Kyushu’s best onsen while traveling is not only a fantastic addition to your sightseeing experience, but you’ll feel so much better for it.

More on the Kyushu x Tokyo Website

This is just a glimpse into what traveling in Kyushu could be like. Kyushu x Tokyo has more incredible itineraries, designed with location and theme in mind, so guests can see some of the best sights in Japan conveniently and safely. Visit the official website and get exploring. Your next big adventure awaits!