This year was supposed to be a year of excitement, a series of life milestones characterized by highly-anticipated global events, traveling, freedom and plans that many of us had been working on for years. But as the coronavirus pandemic continued to spread globally, all that anticipated glory got quickly replaced with months of living within the comfort of our homes and the familiarity of our neighborhoods.

However, as we learn how to coexist with the virus and are slowly re-adapting to the new way of living, many of us long for traveling again. Some of you simply can’t wait to go back home to your families. Others regret over changed plans as their friends had to cancel those long-planned Japan trips. To give you something to look forward to and reawaken that feeling of excitement that you, your families and friends had, the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) has launched a special social media campaign that encourages you to share your photos from past travel experiences and places you want your friends to visit in Japan.

Read on to find out what’s in for you and how to apply!  


Themed “My own personal Japan; Sceneries to see and things to experience with your loved ones,” JNTO’s social media campaign invites you to share your personal experiences of Japan’s charms on social media for a chance to win some exciting prizes! 

To participate in the campaign, share photos or videos of sceneries in Japan that you wish to re-visit and activities you wish to re-experience. The images/videos should be taken by you during past travels in Japan and shared on Instagram and/or Facebook with the hashtags #MyOwnPersonalJapan and #visitjapanjp. 

For the winners, JNTO has prepared the perfect gifts to accompany them on their next travel in Japan.

Campaign Details & Eligibility

The campaign is open to foreign nationals residing in Japan. 

How to apply

  1. Post your travel episode(s) along with photos and/or videos with the hashtag #MyOwnPersonalJapan and #visitjapanjp on Facebook and/or Instagram. ※Post in English is preferable. 
  2. Notify the campaign coordinators of your post(s) through email at [email protected]. Please include your name, age, nationality, area of residence, post URL and screenshot of the post in your email. 

Campaign Theme & Hashtags

Theme: My own personal Japan; sceneries to see and things to experience with your loved ones

Hashtag: #myownpersonaljapan and #visitjapanjp

Application Requirements

  1. Use only original images and/or videos taken by you 
  2. Include images and/or videos in your post. Video length should be between 15 to 60 seconds. Posts without pictures or hashtags will not be considered eligible for the campaign. 

Application Period

Mon, October 19 to Sun, December 6, 2020


Ten selected applicants will receive a ¥100,000 domestic travel voucher and/or travel goods. Prizes will be sent directly to the winners without prior public or personal announcements. 

Terms and Conditions

・One person can apply multiple times.

・Each applicant can only receive one winning prize even when submitting multiple applications.

・This campaign is generally targeted at foreign residents in Japan, but for those who post photos and/or videos of their travel experience when they lived in Japan in the past and, by the time of selection have an address in Japan that we can reach to (such as addresses of friends and relatives), may also apply

・Along with the campaign results’ announcement, we will also contact the winner to confirm their phone number and address. If we do not receive a confirmation reply, the prize will be annulled. Additionally, if the applicant’s provided address and shipping address are different, we will conduct prior confirmation with the shipping recipient.

・Instagram and/or Facebook accounts should be set as “public.”

・Corporate Instagram and Facebook accounts cannot be used as participants in this campaign.

・Responsibilities for participating in this campaign lies entirely on each applicant. Unless it results from an intentional decision or severe negligence, JNTO and its coordinating company are not responsible for any campaign participation issues.

 ・JNTO and its coordinating company may re-use some of the posted contents. (We will conduct prior consultation with the owner before re-using their contents)

・Any works used for the campaign should belong to the applicants (photographer). Any portrait showing a third-party used for the campaign, or those submitted to the organizer (JNTO) or to the campaign coordinator (Vector, Inc.) should respect the privacy and copyright of the affected person(s) and receive prior consent from the rights owner before submission. The campaign organizer and coordinator shall not be involved in any matters pertaining to costs and troubles that may occur due to violation of third-party publicity rights, personality rights, and/or copyrights.

・The campaign coordinator is not responsible for any damages that occurred from the participants or any third party relating to the intellectual property used in the campaign.

・Details on the prize may change without prior notice.

・Please understand that the campaign may be canceled or changed depending on the condition.

・This campaign is organized by JNTO and coordinated by Vector, Inc. For inquiries regarding this campaign, please contact [email protected]

・The organizer is not responsible for network troubles during application and for any damages to the device used for registration and application process. 

The campaign participants shall cover all related communication and network costs.

Campaign Organizer: Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)

Campaign Coordinator: Vector, Inc.

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