Boasting over 100 years in business, Yojiya has become almost synonymous to Japanese visitors to Kyoto. The Kyoto cosmetics brand is most well known for its signature face oil blotting paper featuring an image of a Kyoto beauty’s reflection in a mirror. Most recently though, Yojiya has expanded its portfolio to include cafes as well as cosmetics. The cafes are dotted around Kyoto and can be found at some of the city’s hottest tourist spots, including Arashiyama and Gion. One of the most attractive places to grab a cuppa and relax though is near the silver pavilion, Ginkakuji.

Relax at a Yojiya Cafe, Housed in an Old Machiya

Just off the picturesque Philosopher’s Path, you’ll find Yojiya Cafe Ginkakuji inside an old machiya — an expansive wooden townhouse typical of the Kyoto area. Here you can lounge in style as you take in the view of the traditional garden and imagine what it would have been like to live here when it was still a private home.

Sip an Instagrammable Matcha Cappucino

On Yojiya Cafe’s menu, you’ll find classic Japanese sweets such as monaka, an adzuki bean wafer sandwich, and zenzai, a sweet adzuki bean soup. There are also light savory options if you’re feeling peckish, and if you make a reservation in advance, you can enjoy a luxurious bento set on the second floor. The cafe’s main draw, however, is the photogenic Yojiya tokusei matcha cappuccino, featuring the brand’s signature beauty in the form of latte art sprinkled on the foam. The fragrant aroma of the matcha soothes the soul and the frothy milk gives the drink a natural sweetness. The matcha cappuccino is available both hot and iced, depending on your preference.

Stop by Yojiya Cosmetics Shop for Souvenirs

Walk across the garden after your relaxing escape from hectic sightseeing to drop by the Yojiya shop, located in the same area. Here you’ll find typical Yojiya products such as face oil blotting sheets, but also limited edition skincare items and seasonal sweets to take home and share with friends.

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