Japan’s Best Kept Secret

Just a quick, three hour trip south from Tokyo awaits a calm white beach paradise. Not only is Shimoda a historical hotspot, as the port where Commodore Perry landed in his Black Ship, which gradually led to the opening of a previously isolated island nation, Shimoda is also the home of gorgeous, clean, white and crystal beaches.

For Weekender’s summer special we have selected some of the best hotels, ryokans and resorts to make your stay in Shimoda extraordinary. From stunning white sand beaches, crystal waters and incredible food to 19th century buildings and tiny cobble stone streets, this seaside town should be at the top of every vacation wish list.


Kurofune Hotel

Kurofune Hotel

Unwind in luxury at one of Shimoda’s flagship hotels…

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Seiryuso Hotel

Seiryuso Hotel

Presidential service at Shimoda’s highest profile hotel…

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White Beach Hotel

White Beach Hotel

Unwind at one of Shimoda’s most popular hotels

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Getting to Shimoda by Car

Driving from Tokyo takes about three hours and is a great way to see some of the more remote beaches and attractions of Shimoda. From Tokyo take the Tomei expressway to Atsugi, head towards Odawara, from there take the Manazuru highway to Atami, R135 to Ito and R136 Ito to Shimoda.


By Train

The fastest way to Shimoda is to take the Kodama Shinkansen from Shinagawa or Tokyo station and change at Atami for the Ito line, then change at Ito station for the Izukyu line. Izukyu-Shimoda station is the last stop and as far south you can go by train on the Izu peninsula. The journey takes just over three hours and costs around ¥5500.

Jourdan journey planner: www.jorudan.co.jp

The Shimoda Tourist Association offer general info on the area and the office is located just across the road from the station.

Tel: 0558-22-1531

Info: www.shimoda-city.info