Capsule hotels—the inexpensive accommodations featuring rows of narrowly-stacked sleeping compartments—have enchanted and intrigued many a traveler to Japan. Chain Nine Hours, known for its sleek, aesthetically-pleasing capsule hotels that are a cut above the norm, is launching a new branch in Tokyo’s Takebashi this March.

This is the sixth hotel for Nine Hours, which offers inexpensive, functional and high-quality accommodations around the country. Not only can one stay overnight: the hotel is also available for naps and showers, accommodating weary travelers who need a break. The Takebashi location will also offer lockers and running shoe rentals for the nearby Imperial Palace, a famous jogging destination.

The hotel, which opens March 30, 2018, was designed by award-winning architect Akihisa Hirata.

For more information, visit the official site or PR TIMES (Japanese only)