Hotel Nikko Yaeyama is your gateway to the charms of Ishigaki Island.

Brightly colored rooms, onsens, and a breathtaking Pacific Ocean view from the top floor of the 13-story building are just a few of the standout amenities at Hotel Nikko Yaeyama. Situated in the middle of a hill, the steep slope allows for clear, 360-degree views of one of Okinawa’s most beautiful towns.

Ishigaki Island, with its clear blue water, pristine beaches, and stunning landscapes, is one of Japan’s must-see locations. This affordable luxury hotel makes an ideal place to refresh and recharge after exploring the island, offering spacious rooms and free wifi throughout the entire property.

A hearty breakfast buffet is available each morning to help you charge up for one of the many tours offered through the resort—or just a relaxing day, poolside. The concierge at Hotel Nikko Yaeyama can assist you in setting up tours of the island, tours of the sea, sunset night tours, or a wilderness tour where you can experience the charm of Ishigaki’s untouched natural surroundings.

Throughout the day, guests can head to one of the world-class restaurants or bars at the resort. Both locals and guests alike come to enjoy the wide variety of cuisine, from authentic, Okinawan dishes using local ingredients to Korean-style yakiniku. And you can cap off the end of a long day at Hotel Nikko Yaeyama’s 13th floor sky lounge, Bar Capricorn, for cocktails and light snacks.

Groundwater pumped from Ishigaki Island is transported into the resort to supply fresh, pure drinking water as well as water for the onsens, or public baths. The large onsens filled with Ishigaki’s soft water help moisturize the skin, while allowing guests to relax and unwind in the tropical setting.

From April to October, guests are able to enjoy the seasonal swimming pool next to the resort, along with other bonus amenities, including a sauna, spacious refrigerators, flat-screen TVs, and an in-house laundromat.

The resort is conveniently located 30 minutes from the airport by bus and 5–10 minutes by taxi from the city center. It is also a few minutes’ walk from many of Okinawa’s tourist attractions, including Ishigaki Garden, Torin Temple, and a traditional samurai house.

Perhaps the most outstanding feature of this resort is its omotenashi—its particularly Japanese hospitality. The staff at Hotel Nikko Yaeyama is there to take care of you from arrival to departure, with a smile and ease that will make your experience one of welcome and comfort.

As the resort celebrates its 30th anniversary, they look to continue their tradition of helping guests achieve an unforgettable experience in Okinawa.

Hotel Nikko Yaeyama

559 Aza-Okawa, Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa Prefecture 907-0022
Tel: 980-83-3311, Fax: 980-83-3201


Postcard-perfect views await you on Ishigaki

What to Do on Ishigaki

Located at the northern end of the island, this lighthouse looks out over a vista of pristinely clear waters, and rocky hillsides to the east. Whether you’re looking to capture your next photographic masterpiece or just looking for an unforgettable backdrop for an afternoon picnic, this is a vista you don’t want to miss.

Not far from Hirakubo Lighthouse is the picture-perfect Kabira Bay, with clear, blue-green water that stretches out from the pure white sand. Take a glass-bottom boat to get close to the emerald waters and pass by the nearby islands. Just two kilometers west lies the shallow water beach at Sukuji.

Nosoko Maapee, as the locals call it, is not the tallest mountain on Ishigaki (that honor goes to Mt. Omoto), but the views that can be seen from its summit might just be the best you can get on the island. It takes no more than 45 minutes to reach the top of Nosoko, but the memories should last a lifetime.