Abundant in natural beauty, Amakusa (which means “Heaven’s Grass”) is a collection of idyllic islands off the coast of Kumamoto Prefecture in Kyushu. Composed of three main islands, they are connected to the mainland by the famed Five Bridges of Amakusa. If you’re thinking of visiting, here are two luxury resorts to try…

Take in the Stunning Sunset Views at Hotel Ryugu

From the secluded island of Matsushima, one of the hundreds of islands that make up Amakusa, guests at the luxurious Hotel Ryugu are spoiled with breathtaking sunset views of the jewel-like islands and picturesque bridges bathed in silhouette.

The hotel’s panorama spas – one for women and one for men – and five private outdoor baths all offer breathtaking views of what is deemed one of the top 100 sunsets in Japan. Aside from the spectacular seaside scenery, the spring water is known for its beautifying properties thanks to its high sodium chloride levels, making for a gentle bath that will leave skin feeling silky smooth.

The chic yet relaxing guest rooms at Hotel Ryugu – including Japanese, Western and hybrid Japanese-Western styles – offer the finest in hospitality. Truly delicious cuisine at the restaurant is created through skilled preparation of quality ingredients. Located between the Ariake and Shiranui Seas, Amakusa is home to a true bounty of seafood, including fresh kuruma shrimp, ise ebi (Japanese spiny lobster), and awabi (abalone). The cooking staff is tasked with crafting these delicate, luxurious ingredients into world-class dishes. 

Unique to Hotel Ryugu, the Foot Spa Bar is a one-of-a-kind lounge where guests can try some of the bar’s 40 types of Kyushu shochu and listen to refined jazz while soaking their feet. Rich in beauty, warmth and generosity, Hotel Ryugu is a bridge to natural pleasures, wonder and revitalization.

More info at ryugu.net/english/

Sail the Pristine Amakusa Seas from the Comfort of Your Room

As every room at the luxury hot springs resort Tenku no Fune provides private outdoor baths and breathtaking ocean views, guests will feel as if they are floating over the calm blue waters of the Amakusa seas.

Renowned architect Hiroyuki Misawa (Tenshi no Hashigo Hotel, Umihotaru Shopping Mall on the Sea) designed Tenko no Fune, located on Ueshima Island, in the image of a cruise ship sailing the seas and skies of Amakusa. The design emphasizes space and openness while incorporating natural touches. 

Nearly every aspect of Tenko no Fune – from the restaurant to the outdoor swimming pool – offers sweeping views of the idyllic islands and waters surrounding the resort. The resort’s restaurant, Festa Del Mare, pairs fine Italian dining with local Amakusa cuisine. The chef matches fresh seafood from the Ariake and Shiranui seas and rare Amakusa Daio chicken and Bainiku pork with carefully selected organic vegetables from Kumamoto Prefecture.

The private outdoor baths located in every room offer stunning views of a seascape selected as one of the top 100 sunset views in all of Japan. The baths are fed with natural spring water from the Amakusa Matsushima Hot Spring, known for its salty composition that helps keep complexions healthy and fresh, and provides relief from joint and muscle pain.

Through the mindful incorporation of the natural beauty of the Amakusa Islands with modern luxuries, guests at Tenku no Fune experience peaceful renewal of the mind, body and spirit.

More info at tenku-f.jp/english/

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