A single, a double, a twin – it’s in the common hotel jargon to equate the bed with the room as a whole. However, if you’re not on a quick overnight business trip, you might find yourself needing more than just a bed for the night. Bigger hotel suites break the bank while renting a private apartment can be inconsistent and inconvenient. The ideal balance would be the space of a rental apartment and the hospitality of proper hotels, while still affordable. And we have found that golden balance in Mimaru hotels. Mimaru’s rooms are perfect for a staycation, where enjoying the space is paramount. 

Mimaru caters to groups, like friends and families, with living rooms and lounging spaces where you can socialize, play games, watch movies or eat together. Rooms come with fully equipped kitchens for cooking too. The space is yours to enjoy and use as you like. Mimaru encourages this, with various offers depending on the hotel branch – from food delivery to wall projectors for movies. There are also stay plans for couples, or if you need a workation, there is free wi-fi. 

Time well spent is as important as space. Reserving a later checkout (for a small extra fee) means you can savor your morning coffee before you pack up and head out for more adventures. The kitchen and living spaces make you feel at home from day one, and there are also weekly and monthly stay plans. There are coin laundry machines or a washing machine in some rooms too, depending on the property. 

When in doubt about anything, just ask the multilingual international staff at Mimaru. They are always happy to help, answer questions and recommend things to do. Currently, almost 90 percent of the staff speak a foreign language or two. 

Here are three Mimaru hotels we have selected as great staycation options in Tokyo and in Kyoto. 

Mimaru Hotels: We Found a Staycation Superstar

Mimaru Tokyo Station East: Best for Busy Bees

Local trains, express trains, bullet trains… most trains lead to Tokyo Station, one way or another. That makes Mimaru Tokyo Station East very conveniently located, both for workation stays (if you want to be close to the cluster of corporate buildings) and for a staycation (Imperial Palace Gardens and several museums are also to be found in the area). The rooms and their sleek minimalist design with Japanese design motifs are unassumingly relaxing and open to use as you see fit. 

All the spaces have bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and dining areas. Some rooms have a projector for entertainment, while others come with a great view of the heart of Tokyo — eternal entertainment day and night. You can, for instance, stay in and cook, eating dinner while appreciating the glittering skyscrapers and gorgeous cityscape.

Address: 1-12-8 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0032



Mimaru Ginza East: Best for Culture Lovers

Ginza is the most expensive land in all of Japan, so rarely does anyone have the luxury of living there. Staying in Ginza, naturally, is exciting even for Tokyoites. Here, the likes of Dior and Louis Vuitton are your neighbors, and stylish cafés and Michelin-starred restaurants galore to explore without a worry. And you can pop in and out from the comfort of Mimaru Ginza East, where you will really feel at home while in Ginza. This elegantly designed hotel fuses modern and traditional Japanese elements, so you get the best of both worlds. 

A classic Mimaru property, the rooms are spacious and with a living space and kitchen. Families especially enjoy the bunk beds for kids available in some rooms, and the biggest hit is the Pokémon Room (available only in some Mimaru hotels, Ginza East being one of them). You can snuggle a giant Snorlax, eat from Pokémon-themed plates and receive original Pokémon goods. 

Address: 1-4-4 Shintomicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0041


Mimaru Hotels: We Found a Staycation Superstar

Mimaru Suites Kyoto Shijo: Best for Japanophiles 

Spacious suites and an appreciation of the slow life, Mimaru Suites Kyoto Shijo is very much on-brand. You can dash to the old capital for a staycation and stay as long as you need to feel like a bona fide Kyotoite. There are many rooms to choose from and the staff at Mimaru Suites Kyoto Shijo caters to specific needs. They can suggest the best room for the type of group. Whether you are a small family, a family of three generations, two different families staying together or a group of friends, Mimaru Suites Kyoto Shijo will offer the perfect suite with a balance between shared spaces and private spaces. 

With the concept being an elegant artisanal space, Mimaru Suites Kyoto Shijo enhances the traditional Japanese feel. The hotel has gathered local artisans to design the space and partnered with Kawataki Kyoto and Kura Daily Store for antique furniture accents and traditional cooking and eating utensils such as clay pots and ceramic sake cups. The result is Mimaru Dogu-ten, an area in the lobby where you can pick up these artisanal items and use them in your suite. There’s also a premium room that’s close to 100 square meters with antique furniture. 

Mimaru Suites Kyoto Shijo has a special treat for coffee lovers too — freshly ground beans and high-end utensils for hand drip coffee available. After all, it’s embedded in Kyoto’s culture to always strive for excellence. 

Address: 717-1 Inabadocho, Karasuma-dori Matsubara, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8415


Mimaru Hotels: We Found a Staycation Superstar

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All photos courtesy of Mimaru Hotels