I have been doing my yoga self-practice for months now and feel good and strong, however in the yoga capital of India I would be foolish to miss receiving instruction from teachers who reside here.

Surinder Singh teaches a thoughtful and solid Hatha yoga class twice a day in Ram Jhula and Usha Devi teaches Iyengar classes and intensives from October until May at Om Karananda ashram in Ram Jhula.

While studying with Swami Dayananda I was happy to connect with friends from Kerala who to my surprise were also here to study Vedanta. Harilal and Meera have a lovely beach side ashram Gayathri in Thrissur district in Kerala and is well worth visiting if you are interested in studying Yoga Therapy, Vedanta, Yoga and such.

With all this yoga my body celebrated finding the best ayurvedic massage in Rishikesh. Founded in 1961 by Ram Singh’s grandfather Baba Massage Centre offers Ayurvedic, Swedish, Thai and, Acupressure Massage, as well as training programs for those wanting to learn the practice. I had a skillful ayurvedic massage (abhyanga) with Uma that incorporated Thai massage and Pada (foot) massage using ayurvedic massage oils for extra therapeutic benefit. The treatment culminates with a wonderful Indian head massage that sends me on my way feeling deliciously refreshed and rejuvenated.

I am not typically a fan of Thai massage, but I have to admit this combination of is nothing short of magic. If the exceptionally long life of Ram’s grandfather (1872-1992) and founder, the late Baba Balwant Singh, is anything to go bythe therapeutic effects of this ancient science of wellness is one not to be missed!