Attracting millions of tourists every year, Kyoto is rife with accommodation options, but few leave as lasting an impression as The Blossom Kyoto. Opened in 2022, the space was constructed with painstaking attention to detail, reflecting the spirit of the city with art, cuisine and architecture. From the entrance, a peaceful, lantern-lit “street garden” meant to recall a traditional townhouse, to the stunning guest rooms, which are decorated with traditional pottery, The Blossom Kyoto offers guests a truly refined and immersive accommodation experience.

Facilities Steeped in Luxury

Artistic flourishes abound from the moment you step inside The Blossom Kyoto’s premises. A beautiful bonsai tree perched in a water fountain welcomes visitors at the serene and stately entrance, and an elegant hallway lined with plants and lanterns leads to the lobby. The hotel’s original incense, a sweet, floral scent created in collaboration with Shoeido, wraps guests in an aromatic blanket upon arrival.

Plants suffuse the hotel, creating a relaxing, natural-feeling environment — from the towering flower arrangement in the lobby to the miniature jungle that artfully grows from between tiles in the ancient warehouse-inspired “communication space,” where guests can lounge with their companions or look out to the garden. The hotel also has its own large public bath, adorned with a sprawling tile mosaic of sakura and bamboo; guests can luxuriate in the warm water while looking out to the small garden outside, and can also freely use other amenities, including a fitness room and a guest lounge with some complimentary drinks and snacks.

An Ideal Hub for Exploring Kyoto

With ten types of rooms, all of which are bright and spacious, The Blossom Kyoto can accommodate all varieties of travel styles, whether you’re traveling with family or a group of friends, or exploring Kyoto solo; each room type thoughtfully incorporates Japanese design principles, and many have separate tatami areas. Particularly unique is the “Deluxe Force” room, which has an impressive four beds and two bathrooms, as well as a lovely sitting area, perfect for enjoying matcha or drinks.

Another thing that makes the hotel suitable for all types of travelers is its prime location. The hotel is a mere two-minute walk from Gojo Station, only one stop from Kyoto Station, and the Gojo Takakura bus stop sits right in front of the hotel. Kiyomizu Temple, Kodaiji Temple and the geisha district Gion are all easily accessible.

Locally Inspired Dining 

As a hotel by JR Kyushu Hotels Inc., The Blossom Kyoto aims to bring the best of Kyoto and Kyushu together. The hotel’s restaurant, Kyoto Gojo Ono (stylized as KYOTO GOJO ONO), offers all-day dining, expertly fusing together the cuisine of both regions; guests can enjoy an elaborate buffet-style breakfast and light bites in the afternoon. Particularly impressive is the course dinner, full of the freshest fish and carefully selected meats, cooked slowly to draw out the umami flavor of the ingredients. The dinner is filled with dishes that surprise and delight, such as sashimi, served with not the usual soy sauce, but with a lemon and salt brick as well as a seaweed and sweet Kyushu soy sauce paste. 

Attention to Detail

The more you look, the more you can discover at The Blossom Kyoto: The hotel’s interior decoration and amenities have been carefully chosen to reflect the beauty of both Kyoto and Kyushu. The distinctive cups and saucers in the Premium Twin room, for example, are created at a local pottery studio utilizing a blend of techniques from Kyoto and Fukuoka. The coffee offered in the Deluxe Twin, Deluxe Quad and Premium Twin rooms is from Blend Kyoto, a specialty coffee shop located near the Kyoto Imperial Palace. This careful consideration to detail sets The Blossom Kyoto apart from many of the other hotels in Japan’s ancient capital, and it’s why guests will continue to adore it.

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