While not all of us can claim to be as dog mad as Edo Period Shogun Tsunayoshi Tokugawa (who kept over 50,000 pooches and fed them dried fish and rice), even a lukewarm dog lover will melt over this latest puptastic tech treat.

For those seeking a bit of doggy therapy, Google View’s Pup View may be just what the doctor ordered. In celebration of the Year of the Dog, Google has featured extra canines in their Google Doodle images and compiled images of some pups they’ve found on their Google Street View adventures. The latest addition is Google View “walks” with Akita Inu in Odate City, Akita. Odate is the birthplace of Hachiko, arguably the most famous Akita dog in the world.

The Odate City Office’s Tourism Department sent out three pups: Ako, Asuka, and Puuko, out into the snow to show a dog’s eye view of the city. There are 18 images in total so far, including the dogs hanging out at Tsuruyu foot onsen, Roken Shrine (a shrine dedicated to dogs), and a statue dedicated to the dear departed Hachiko.

While fluffy ears are an obvious highlight to these adorable snaps, make sure to turn the camera around to see their fluffy curly tails as well.

To get some insight into how they recorded the dog’s eye version of Google View (and some behind-the-scenes of these furry friends in action), don’t miss this video explaining the process:

There’s much more to Akita than first meets the eye. To find out more, check out 47 Ways to Explore Akita Through Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch and Taste.