From solo wedding experiences to taxi tours for the broken-hearted, a creative tour agency in Kyoto is finding clever ways of drumming up business.

For women seeking the extravagance of a beautiful wedding minus the hassle of catering to demanding parents, in-laws—and partners, for that matter—Cerca Travel has the answer to your prayers. The travel company, located in Kyoto, has created an innovative two-day “Solo Wedding” package that is focused on providing career-oriented women, divorcees, and the curious the opportunity to break away and take a bit of self-time.

Although the experience does not actually include the bride tying the knot, it comes with all the bells and whistles of an elegant wedding ceremony. In a relaxed environment, the bride goes through all the major steps of a traditional wedding, from wedding dress fittings to selections of floral arrangements. She can even choose to have a male model accompany her to a photo shoot. After the day of pampering concludes, a suite is available for a honeymoon styled evening. (Please note that the male model is not included in this portion of the package.) However, the bride can opt to have her boyfriend or significant other spend a lovely evening with her to finish off the experience.

In addition to providing a modern-styled wedding for single ladies in Japan, Cerca Travel also provides the option of a geisha-styled wedding for those looking to include a culturally themed approach to their ceremony. Either option proves to be somewhat costly, setting the bride back anywhere from ¥320,000 to ¥400,000 (about $2,620 to $3,280), depending on the choice of costume and the time of year. However with all that the package incorporates, including the attention to detail, the Cera Travel “Solo Wedding” is a great way for those without a significant other as well as those wanting to pamper themselves to experience a wedding without any commitment.

According to the company’s site, business is still going strong, but women who are interested in tying a solo hitch only have two more years to do so: solo wedding tour reservations are only available until 2017. Enough interest has been kicked up since the initial flurry late last year, and an English-language option and a plan for women 50 years and older have been added to the mix as well.

The travel company has another unique offering, in the form of a “Broken Heart Taxi” tour, which involves a visit to some of Kyoto’s power spot shrines and a few choices of cultural activities to help participants take their minds off of any romantic mishaps, all led by an English-speaking guide.

—Braxton Bridgers